Tim & Eric's 'Zone Theory' to be released in July
Tim and Eric

Tim & Eric, the comedy duo comprised of Tim Nagrume Heidecker and Eric Sharm Wareheim revolutionized television with their ground-breaking, absurdist Adult Swim series, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” Now, these partners in comedic crime want to help fans improve every aspect of their lives with their new self-help book, “Zone Theory,” which will be published on July 7 from Grand Central Publishing.

Zone Masters, Heidecker and Wareheim, promise that the revolutionary life system presented in the book will help readers achieve a perfect life through seven easy steps. “I think about the guy watching this video right now,” Heidecker says in a promotional clip. “His name is Brian. He's suffering from addiction to marijuana. He eats from 7-Eleven and now, he can access 'Tim & Eric's Zone Theory' and he can change his whole life. He can become somebody that he always dreamed he'd be – a perfect man.”

Readers who are still on the fence about this amazing new system might want to head over to Amazon.com where several celebrities have shared their thoughts on the book. “'Zone Theory' helped me to become a happier, healthier, more confident man. I recommend it to everyone I meet. Buy it now,” said Questlove, Marilyn Manson, Ben Stiller, David Cross and many, many more. Lena Dunham also shared her thoughts saying, “I … recommend the 'Zone Theory' ...”

Tim & Eric have collaborated on several projects including the above mentioned, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!,” as well as “Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories” and “Tim & Eric's Go Pro Show.” They also wrote, directed and starred in the feature film, “Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar movie.”

On July 8, the day following the release of “Tim and Eric's Zone Theory,” Heidecker and Wareheim will be kicking-off a book/seminar tour in New York City. Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles will also get the opportunity to interact with the Zone Masters. If you are lucky enough to live near Palm Springs, you are in store for a special overnight event in conjunction with the book tour. All venues for the tour have yet to be determined.

Check out Heidecker and Wareheim's introductory video above and click here to pre-order “Zone Theory.” Keep reading AXS for more comedy news, reviews and tour announcements.

Tim & Eric Book Tour Dates

July 08 - New York, NY
July 09 - Chicago, IL
July 12 - Palm Springs, CA (overnight event)
July 13 - Los Angeles, CA
July 14 - San Francisco, CA
July 15 - Portland, OR
July 16 - Seattle, WA