Top 10 Alan Jackson songs
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Country music has always been kind to its artists. Pretty much once you achieve fame and fortune your fans will be loyal for life. That is not something that can be said about all genres of music. Born Alan Eugene Jackson he sings traditional honky-tonk and contemporary country music and is what is known as a “hat” act. That means that he wears a cowboy hat whenever he is on stage. Here is a list of his 10 best hits.

10.”Tall, Tall Trees

This feel good song about love was written by a couple of country icons. It was penned by George Jones and Roger Miller and made it all the way to the No. 1 slot.

9.”Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning

This song was written by Jackson about the horrors of Sept. 11, 2001 and the terrorists attack on America. The song had no trouble making it to the No. 1 slot. It debuted at the Country Music Awards in 2001.

8.”She’s Got the Rhythm I’ve Got the Blues

This is a great play on words written by Alan and Randy Travis. There is great imagery in the lyrics like, “With her every little move she’s telling me I’m over you, she’s got the rhythm I’ve got the blues.”

7.”It’s Five O’clock Somewhere

This is a nice duet between Jackson and beach singer Jimmy Buffett. If you are looking for a reason to party then this song gives you the reason and many excuses.

6.”Gone Country

This is commentary song. That means it is telling the world about the state of country music at the time it was written. Everyone from Long Island and beyond is making it big in country.

5.”Who’s Cheating Who

This was originally recorded by female singer Charly Mclain and then release by Alan in 1997. Her version made it to No. 1 and his only hit No. 2.

4.”Don’t Rock the Jukebox

The song made a No. 1 hit. It came about when Alan’s bass player was playing music on a jukebox with a broken leg and when Alan leaned on it tipped a bit and the title of the song was born when he yelled at Jackson.

3.”Here in the Real World

This is the second single off Alan’s first record and it never made it to a number spot on the national charts but it holds a near top spot on any fan’s 10 best songs list of Jackson.

2.”Midnght in Montgomery

The song is a tribute to Hank Williams Sr. The singer stops by the graveyard to visit Hank’s grave on the way to do a New Years Eve show and encounters the ghost of Williams. It is a haunting song with the pedal steel and fiddle pulling at the listener’s heart.


This No. 1 song is a great summer time song. It about having fun on the Chattahoochee river between Alabama and Georgia.