Top 10 best songs by Japandroids

As a contemporary rock band, Japandroids is a musical phenomenon that can be compared to Halley’s Comet. The band is truly one of today’s most authentic and progressive alternative rock bands on the music scene. The band’s appeal is a result of their organic honesty as musicians and their ability to translate it on stage and in studio to heights of energy that luminate to music fans.

The band’s talent and sound emerged on world stages in a musical explosion that responded back to them with appeal for their music. Guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse are super talents as singers, songwriters, musicians and stage performers all in one. King and Prowse are a one-stop shop when it comes to creating music that speaks the language of today’s modern rock culture as well as energizing crowds live in concert. They discovered their electric and vivacious rock sound during their initial jam sessions. They rock with the driving energy of a four-man band. Their live concerts are explosive with King and Prowse singing and playing driving audiences up on their feet all for the music. Here are 10 of the best songs by Japandroids.

10. Sovereignty

This song is a daydreaming song about Prowse and King’s desire to hit the road and leave their hometown of Vancouver. It is a fantasy song where the band dreams of traveling, playing gigs in new places and seeing the world. It is featured on “Post-Nothing.”

9.  No Known Drink or Drug

This track is featured on their 2017 release, “Near to the Wild Heart of Life.” The lyrics tell the story of two drifters finding temporary romance to escape their material poverty. The lyrics flow with the poetry of a mini short story.

8. Near to the Wild Heart of Life

This track tells the story of Japandroids and how they came together to go for their dreams and play music with no certainty of a 9 to 5 job. It speaks of the invigorating feeling of performing live on stage and the value of living a dream. It is featured on their 2017 release with the same title.

7. Younger Us

This is a reminiscing song. A song that tells the story of a person recalling being younger and feeling good about the experiences leading to the present. It is featured on “Celebration Rock” and is the first lead track released prior to the album’s release.

6. Wet Hair

This up-tempo track rocks about the novelty of infatuation and the excitement of a daydream. The idea of describing the hair and appearance of a dream date that remains a daydream. This song is featured on the band’s album, “Post-Nothing.”

5. Continuous Thunder

This track is an observation song about a relationship that is like oil and water. It talks about two people who are mismatched although they try to relate to one another. The result is continuous thunder to their surprise. This song is featured on “Celebration Rock.” The track starts and ends with static sound emulating thunder.

4. Crazy/Forever

This track has a modern 60’s rock groove with the rhythmic guitar chords that establish instrumental verses that rock out. It is featured on “Post-Nothing.” There are only three lines to the lyrics of this track making up the chorus. It can be about friends, bands or even dating. The idea of staying together regardless of the situation. “We’ll stick together forever. Stay sick together. Be crazy forever.”

3. Adrenaline Nightshift

This is an observation song about the waiting for something to happen and the frustration and changes that go with it. This track is a rocking track with a solid guitar riff that is a foot tapper. It is featured on “Celebration Rock.”

2. The House That Heaven Built

This song rocks about the essence of life on the road, temporary people, places and things. Major chords shine with Springsteen influences that are refreshing. It is featured on “Celebration Rock.”

1. The Nights of Wine and Roses

This explosive track is featured on “Celebration Rock.” The build on the rhythmic rock drive soars upward in chords and musical expression. The story of the lyrics talk of the desire to figure out things in life and along the way have a good time with friends. It has a catchy sing along feel on the chorus while rocking it out on guitar riffs and driving percussion.