Top 5 best Alanis Morissette songs from 'Flavors of Entanglement'
Alanis Morissette/YouTube

Alanis Morissette is virtually a hidden figure in the music business since she broke out onto the mainstream scene in 1995. Her albums are few and far in between but when she comes back, she always has something to say about what's going on in her life. In 2008, she released Flavors of Entanglement, one of her best works since her beginnings after splitting from longtime partner Ryan Reynolds. The album took an electronic turn working with Guy Sigsworth while lashing out at all of her feelings from heartbreak and self-nurturing. Here are the top 5 songs from the extended set.

5. "20/20"

Included as a non-album track to the single "Underneath," "20/20" sees Morissette looking back at her relationship and if she knew then what she knew now, she may have done certain things differently. She's looking back at how she rushed feelings risking abandonment and is tortured by what she put herself through.

4. "Underneath"

"Underneath" serves as the lead single where Morissette sings about not being able to change the outside world if one cannot change the inside. The video showed a parallel life internally and externally finding beauty within oneself. She hands out flyers with positive messages trying to change the world but inside her heart, she's struggling with a love interest pushing him away.

3. "Orchid"

"Orchid" serves a bonus track on the deluxe edition and is a catchy sweet tune about being misunderstood through metaphors as she sing, "So I've lived in my blind spot/ Thought myself usual when I'm not/ And your garden is a nice spot/ As long as it is brave and where you are/ For this sweet piece of work/ High maintenance and deserted/ I've been different and deserving/ Treated like a rose as an orchid."

2. "Tapes"

One of the highlights of Flavors of Entanglement is found towards the end of the album. "Tapes" is finding Morissette feeling lost in her head, not being able to be loved with thoughts not being of her own. She's looking for a pause button of the voice inside her demeaning who she is. The outro to the song is one of the most intense moments found on the record as the electronic riffs build and build with her voice ad-libbing in the background.

1. "Versions of Violence"

"Versions of Violence" is a standout track on the 2008 set with an edgy electronic rock vibe. It's grungy and haunting and depicts all the ways she's been hurt. "Diagnosing, analyzing/ Unsolicited advice/ Explaining and controlling/ Judging, opining and meddling/ These versions of violence/ Sometimes subtle sometimes clear/ And the ones that go unnoticed/ Still leave their mark once disappeared," she sings.

Flavors of Entanglement is a deeper side of Morissette as we've seen after she's endured heartbreak and confusion. Other tracks worth noting are "Straitjacket," "Moratorium," "Not As We," "Giggling Again for No Reason" and the throttling non-album track "Break."