Top 5 best Alanis Morissette songs from 'Havoc and Bright Lights'
Alanis Morissette/YouTube

In 2012, Alanis Morissette released her studio album Havoc and Bright Lights which followed 2008's scorching Flavors of Entanglement. Between those albums, Morissette got married and had her first child, something that would not have been easily predictable considering the content on EntanglementHavoc was a return to her rock roots with tougher riffs and grueling guitars. The record has its tender moments as well as its dark and self-reflective moments. Here are the top 5 best Alanis Morissette songs from Havoc and Bright Lights

5. "Guardian"

Morissette is finally a mother and the lead single from the record released in 2012 is somewhat an ode to her child as she sings, "I'll be your keeper for life as your guardian/ I'll be your warrior of care, your first warden/ I'll be your angel on call, I'll be on demand/ The greatest honor of all as your guardian." Though the lyrics are lighthearted, its reminiscent of her early work.

4. "Permission"

One of the bonus tracks, "Permission" is everything it's titled. It's a lighthearted breath of fresh air as she's knowing that she has her own permission to do whatever makes her happy. "The freedom to flow/ To where genuine flows/ And do the only things that matter to me," she sings in the chorus. Throughout Morissette's career, it seems this freedom has been her goal as she searched for deeper meaning in life and her life.

3. "Empathy"

"Empathy" is one of the more uptempo tracks on Havoc and perhaps one of Morissette's favorite as she describes in the official music video's bio. "This song brings tears to my eyes no matter how often I hear it or perform it. May it hug your heart in the way it is intended to," she wrote. Though she's had insecurities and has "cut off her nose to spite her face," she's loved and feels that unconditional sentiment. "Thank you for seeing me/ I feel so less lonely/ Thank you for getting me/ I'm healed by your empathy/ This intimacy," she sings. She now knows herself well enough to let another have her.

2. "Numb"

One of the darker moments on the record comes at track No. 8 with "Numb." It's a heavier rock song about suffocating and feeling defeated and ready to make herself numb through drug usage which she has been no stranger to talk about through her career. "Here comes a feeling/ I run from the feeling and reach for the drug/ Can't sit with the feeling/ I'd rather being flying than comfortably numb ... I am lonely, I feel hungry and unloved/ I feel angry, I am livid, need a hug," she expresses with a violin dressing up the rattling guitars.

1. "Edge of Evolution"

The brightest moment of the record comes at the end of the standard edition with "Edge of Evolution" which finds Morissette at a comfortable spiritual place. The song can be best described as experimental and perhaps one of her best in her career. She's seemed to have reunited with her true self through all of her experiences falling into consciousness. "I have had my glimpses with and without substances/ I have awakenings non-abiding for the most part/ And here we go out here on the edge of evolution/ Numbers growing/ Out here on the edge of evolution ... In this sacred duality/ The highs and lows and the here's and there's/ These aversions and these cravings/ Push me beyond identity in pure awareness," she exposes of herself.

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