Trey Songz's 5 Best Lyrics

At just twenty-years-old Tremaine Aldon Neverson, better known as Trey Songz broke into the music scene and never turned back. He made such an impact with both the music he created and the fans he acquired that he immediately received movie acting roles and television appearances. Trey Songz is known for his appeal to the ladies and the sexual content in his music. The Virginia native's stunning voice attracted music producers who lined up to work with the future star. Trey Songz combines R&B vocals with a hip-hop twist that molds perfectly with the singer's vocal style and stage presence.

To date, Trey Songz has released six studio albums alongside a number of mix-tapes. He's experienced the feeling of having several smash hits at the same time and topping the Billboard charts. Trey Songz is a phenomenal artist and compiling the list of his best lyrics comes down to which ones we couldn't get out of our head after just one listen and which had the largest impact on the ladies. After all "Trigga" is best recognized for his sex appeal and constant sexual innuendos. Check out our list of Trey Songz' 5 best lyrics and see if they're the same ones you still think about today.

5. "Touchin, Lovin"

A steamy, intimate song from his most recent album release, Trigga, the song "Touchin, Lovin" features Nicki Minaj as the two share back-to-back sexual references and keep the fans on their toes. The lyrics from the track show Trey Songz' confidence and constant seeking for women between the sheets.

Best Lyric:

"No, I ain’t tryna flex, no ceilings you can see who’s in it
If we’re talking about sex, girl, you know that I invented that
And I’m onto the next, that’s unless you bring a friend who with it"

4. "Neighbors Know My Name"

Another sexually explicit song from the album Ready, titled "Neighbors Know My Name," stars Trey Songz solely singing about an intimate moment with a girl. His lyrics appeal directly to how fans envision him, as a sex symbol in the hip-hop and R&B genre. Trey Songz sex game is so "loud" that neighbors will know his name after he finishes.

Best Lyric:

"While I be bangin' on yo body, they be bangin' on our wall
While they dreamin', you be screamin' now they bangin' on our door
Sometimes she call me trey, sometimes she say Tremaine
When it's all said and done bet the neighbors know my name
Sometimes she call me trigga cause I make her body bust
They might think my name is "oh shh" I make her cuss"

3. "Foreign"

From his 2014 release, Trigga, Trey Songz broadened his horizons in the track "Foreign" by revolutionizing his game to the international level. He sings about all the women he's been with or wants to be with from all around the world. The lyrics are spot on and well crafted to share the same insight and get right to the point.

Best Lyric:

"And she be like "Ay que rico" when I'm going real deep though
You can give me all of them besos, just stay low, do what I say so
F**k me now, oh shit, excuse my French but I got a bad bitch
And she ain't from France but she french kiss d**k
And she ain't got plans cause they get dismissed"

2. "Slow Motion"

Trey Songz' most recent release "Slow Motion" that will appear on his June 23rd album, Trigga Reloaded, is another more sensual song related to "love making" rather than another quick-and-easy encounter. The lyrics in this track are a bit more classy but still don't let the fans down who wanna hear Trey talk dirty.

Best Lyric:

"So shawty let your hair down, take a sip
Go and put this joint between your lips
Baby, why don't you make yourself comfortable
While I go and put this tongue on you
So tell me when you ready
I'ma speed it up for you just for a second
Just for a second
Then I'ma slow it back down and keep it steady"

And now for Trey Songz' best lyric to date...

1. "Heart Attack"

Trey Songz tones it down a bit and quits his player tactics in the song "Heart Attack" from his album, Chapter V, to describe the emotions and overall feelings one girl is giving him. His lyrics express that he is human after all and when the "love bug" hits, it hits hard.

Best Lyric:

"In too deep can’t think about giving it up
But I never knew love, would feel like a heart attack
It’s killing me, swear I never cried so much
Cause I never knew love would hurt this f***ing bad
The worst pain that I ever had
Ohhh wo-oh, Ohhh Ohhh wo-oh (Ne-Ne-Ne-Ne-Ne-Ne-Never knew love)
Would hurt this f***ing bad
The worst pain that I ever had"

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