Bonnie McKee walks on the wild side in 'Thorns' music video
Bonnie McKee / YouTube

Pop singer-songwriter Bonnie McKee premiered the music video for "Thorns" on Sept. 13. She goes on with her bad self in the retro clip.

"Thorns" is the lead single from McKee's upcoming EP. It will be her first taste of new music since 2015's Bombastic EP, which featured singles like the title track, "Easy" and "I Want it All." Compared to the pristine pop she's written pop stars like Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Kesha, "Thorns" is a dark departure for Bonnie. She lets her lover know that he's getting everything of her, flaws and all. "I got thorns / Wear them like a crown," McKee sings. "Thorns" is a stormy and striking pop anthem.

The music video for "Thorns" was directed by frequent McKee collaborator Darren Craig. He shoots Bonnie through a camcorder-like lens, bringing it back to '90s VHS tapes. Rocking a black leather jacket, she flaunts her thorns and embraces her inner bad girl with a tatted-up lover by her side. Brandishing a blade and speeding down the freeway are just some of the ways this rose sticks it to the man. "Thorns" is a walk on the wild side for McKee.

"Thorns" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. McKee is performing at Club Tigerheat in L.A. on Sept. 14.