Watch Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel's new animated video for 'Pulp Fiction'
Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel/YouTube

Amanda Palmer has released a new video for "Pulp Fiction," a haunting track from her collaboration with The Legendary Pink Dots' Edward Ka-Spel--with some new tweaks to the song.

The animated video was done by artist David Mack. Mack has worked with Palmer in the past, most notably on the animated video for "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" from Palmer's album You Got Me Singing, a collaboration with her father, Jack.

"I love collaborating on making things, and I love collaborating with Amanda," Mack said. He continued, "I imagined this video was a kind of hyper-real version of Amanda and Edward performing the song in a Bowie-esque live show if you didn't have to be human & corporal when you performed a live show."

The video also features a new version of the song with more bass.

"I'd been unhappy with the final album mix once I heard it on a laptop," Palmer said in a post on her Patreon.

Palmer and Ka-Spel's album, I Can Spin a Rainbow, was released last year. They previously released videos for "Beyond the Beach," featuring an animated puppet, and the stop-motion "The Clock at the Back of the Cage."