Watch Kill My Coquette declare 'Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Dead' in new video
Natalie Denise Sperl/YouTube

Kill My Coquette is making a bold statement with the new single "Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Dead" and the single's corresponding music video. You can watch the video by playing the video above, and download the single featuring Tony Valentino on iTunes.

"Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Dead" is a hard-driving anthem to refuse anyone who's ever said otherwise, and the first piece of new music for Kill My Coquette since the self-titled EP that was released in 2015. The Los Angeles-based band is fronted by multi-talented singer and performer Natalie Denise Sperl, who's joined by Mike Evans on bass and Cody Jones on guitar. The two-year break between releases has served them well, as "Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Dead" thunders along like you'd expect from a song with such a strong title.

And it's got its fair share of rock royalty involved. In addition to Valentino, the co-founder of the band The Standells, the new single enlisted Blondie's Clem Burke on the drums. So whether a listener is a classic rock enthusiast or looking for some new rock 'n' roll to get excited about, "Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Dead" has something to offer. It's a charismatic blend of rock's past with its present, and will make audiences excited about the genre's future.

While the single is loud, proud and has much going on, the music video is the complete opposite. Kill My Coquette shot the entire video in black and white, while also taking a minimalist approach. The video features Sperl but never shows her completely, nor do any of the other band members make an appearance. It feels like a throwback to another era of rock, which fits well with the single's mantra of reviving rock 'n' roll. It's a prime example of doing less with more and an excellent complement to the song that inspired it.

While Kill My Coquette doesn't have any live performance dates scheduled to accompany the new single and video release, "Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Dead" proves that the band has much to offer in both sound and attitude. Rock enthusiasts will want to be on the lookout for them next year.

"Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Dead" is now available on iTunes.

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