What the world needs right now is Eric Church's new single 'Kill a Word' (listen)
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When tensions are boiling over on a daily basis across the world, music is often the vehicle through which we all heal, cope and move on. Eric Church, somewhat of a troubadour these days, unpacks a mighty image with his new single "Kill a Word." In Billboard's weekly country issue, the song -- co-written by Church, Jeff Hyde and Luke Dick -- was confirmed on Monday evening (Aug. 1) as his next Mr. Misunderstood single. Following his most recent chart-topper, "Record Year," the necessary and moving new radio release makes a bold and proper declaration of freedom and returning to a better day when all the world knew was love.

"Kill a Word" (hitting radio Aug. 15) not only signifies a visceral, gut-punching statement track for Church, but the lyrics themselves speak to a troubling global plague of violence, hate and riots. When gripping headlines are splashed with blood in the streets to a harrowing degree, something needs to be done. For Church, that's to make use of his worldwide platform for good and provoking change.

"If I could kill a word and watch it die, I'd poison 'never, ' shoot 'goodbye,'" he professes on the pointed opening line -- over a blanket of cool guitar, heart-pounding percussion and haunting background vocals, "beat 'regret' when I felt I had the nerve. Yeah, I'd pound 'fear' to a pile of sand - choke 'lonely' out with my bare hands. I'd hang 'hate' so that it can't be heard..."

He later rips into the chorus, "Give me sticks, give stones. Bend my body, break my bones. Use staff and rod to turn me black and blue 'cause you can't unhear, you can't unsay. But if were up to me to change. I'd turn 'lies' and 'hate' to 'love' and 'truth.' If I could only kill a word...."

Take a listen to "Kill a Word" above, and grab the track now on iTunes.

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