Why are Radiohead fans eating pictures of band frontman Thom Yorke?
Video courtesy of Youtube

Radiohead surprised many people throughout the past week. First, the UK alt-rock band spent last weekend mysteriously erasing its internet presence. Then, it released two singles, “Burn the Witch” and “Daydreaming,” back to back. Finally, it dropped a new effort called “A Moon Shaped Pool” yesterday.

What Radiohead couldn’t have planned, however, is what fans would do to celebrate this long-awaited ninth album: Many have begun eating pictures of the group’s frontman, Thom Yorke. From small printouts to actual face-sized cutouts of the lead singer, Radiohead devotees are munching all types of snapshots. And it’s all been documented in a swath of recent YouTube videos.

Obviously, the main question beyond “What the F***?” is “Why?” According to The Telegraph, the overnight phenomena traces back to the Radiohead sub-Reddit where one member told other forum users that if Radiohead’s record was either announced or dropped on May 6, he’d eat a portrait of Thom Yorke himself!

The Reddit stuntman soon had to eat his words, plus Thom Yorke, when the album’s May 8 release date was in fact announced that Friday. More than 24 other fans followed suit to show just how much they adore Radiohead. Granted, the new LP is pretty good. Check out more about it right here.