Rihanna is just one of the many artists who would make for perfect companions on 420. 

Rihanna is just one of the many artists who would make for perfect companions on 420. 


April can be a pretty fun month for music fans. In addition to festival season officially starting off with two weekends of Coachella and the return of warmer weather, April also welcomes the holiday that free-spirited music fans look forward to all year, 420. Yes, the cannabis-friendly holiday serves as an annual reminder that more oppressive times are long gone and the newly legalized cannabis industry in many states welcome the use of marijuana to help make springtime concerts that much more fun.

Believe it or not, more than a handful of artists are outspoken advocates for the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational use. So as the annual music and munchies-filled holiday draws closer, here’s a list of 10 musicians who would be perfect hanging out buddies to celebrate alongside on 420.

Mac DeMarco
There are very few artists in the world of slacker and stoner rock at the moment bigger than Mac DeMarco. The chain smoking Canadian songwriter and guitarist surprisingly doesn’t smoke weed, but that doesn’t mean his nonsensical personality wouldn’t make for the perfect 420 companion. It's also worth mentioning that his entire Salad Days album is basically a stoner’s soundtrack with its relaxed tempo and dreamy rock vibes.

Pop queen Madonna once said in a Reddit AMA that one of the best birthday gifts she ever received was “a bong in the shape of a penis.” Her free-spirited and youthful personality would make her a great brunch friend on 420. Her active mix of dancing and channeling some zen with lots of yoga would also add to what could be a healthfully high experience.

Dirty Heads
Anyone who has listened to the Dirty HeadsCabin By The Sea LP knows that these long haired musicians are keeping that Southern California surf rock sound alive and well. The alternative hip-hop/ska group are no strangers to marijuana with songs like “Burn By Myself” and “Smoke Rings.” Spend the day practicing said smoke rings at Huntington Beach with some tacos and a beer, and call it a solid holiday.

Jay Z
Do you think AXS would make a list of best musicians to smoke weed with and not include Jay Z? Hova made a big statement with an anti-criminalization of marijuana video for the New York Times last fall. The Brooklyn rapper may be a father now, but surely he still knows how to roll a blunt like the best of them.

Wayne Coyne
In a recent interview with Wayne Coyne, the Flaming Lips frontman commented on what fans should expect to see and experience on their current tour in saying, “You will think that you’ve taken the best drugs that have ever been made.” Anyone who’s heard their new Ozcy Mlody album knows how psychedelic and experimental Coyne likes to get. Lord knows he’s probably equally as fun when there’s some good weed involved.

Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa’s line in the song “Young, Wild & Free” where he raps about rolling joints bigger than King Kong’s fingers tells you all you need to know about why the hip-hop singer needs to be in your 420 crew. Roll on playa.

Miley Cyrus
Speaking of Wayne Coyne, the album that he and Miley Cyrus worked on with 2015’s Dead Petz, was basically Miley’s love letter to beats and weed. The album’s opening lines are “Yeah I smoke pot, yeah I love peace.” Both of which make for perfect ingredients for a great 420.

Dead & Company
The members of the Grateful Dead are not only familiar with the use of marijuana, but by now they probably have Honorary Doctorate degrees on the subject. Even John Mayer recently explained how he was slowing diving into the world of cannabis. Spending 420 with the godfathers of stoner rock would certainly be the educational way of going about the holiday.

Snoop Dogg
What other reason would one need to spend 420 hanging out with Snoop Dogg other then the fact that you’d be hanging out with Snoop Dogg. Not only has Snoop been a longtime supporter of cannabis legalization, but he’s now investing heavily in his own companies within the booming marijuana business out west.

Queen RiRi is basically Aphrodite when it comes to how one should present themselves while smoking weed. This writer once overheard someone on a New York City subway mention that they just wanted to have someone in their life who looked at them way Rihanna looked at her blunts on Instagram. Want to have the ultimate 420? Hit the town with Rihanna and her crew for the day.