10 Best Bonnie Raitt songs
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Usually you hear songs played on guitar about girls but with Bonnie Raitt you hear songs played by a girl. Not only does she play guitar and write songs but she does it very well. This can be attested to by her legions of devoted fans. Raitt is known for her very blues laden guitar sound and a very sultry vocal style that most find just plain sexy. Over the length of her career she has amassed a huge following and some very great music. Here are some songs by Raitt that you should include on your top 10 songs list. Some made the National chart and some didn’t.

10.”Storm Warning

This is a beautiful song with a bit of a laid back island feel with bongos and a lilting melody backed by a heavy synthesizer drone. This song is a great way to start off our top 10 song list.

9.”Not the Only One

As you listen to this song you know that you are not alone in the universe. Raitt sings in a manner that you know that she’s been there before and something in that knowledge is comforting.

8.”Thing Called Love

This is another one of Raitt’s best works. She does some great slide guitar work and the tempo of the song invites you to get into the tune. Her voice is near its best in this song and it is an easy song to love.


This is a very nicely done copy of the Del Shannon hit and done in a slower and bluesy way. Raitt takes a rocking pop favorite and makes it a blues version that has a nice slow rhythm compared to the original. Yet it manages to stay true to the Shannon version. Need to be on any top 10 songs list by her.

6.”Nick of Time

This song is off her Nick of Time album and is one that most fans agree is one of her better tunes from the album. Although there are many others that had somewhat better commercial success, this song is a great Raitt tradition.

5.”Love Has no Pride

This song was made into a hit by Linda Ronstadt and Raitt adds her own touch to it and manages to make the song her own. It stands alone and yet still honors the original song so any listener should be able to enjoy it.

4.”Love me Like a Man

If you want a chance to hear Raitt do the blues on guitar then this is a song that you simply have to listen to. There is no doubt that the woman belongs with a guitar in her hands. The lead work is simply amazing on this tune.

3.”Angel from Montgomery

This song is one that most of the world considers to be a signature song for Raitt. There is conviction and heartache in her voice and when you hear it you believe that she is the person in the song. That is something that makes a truly great version of a song.

2.”I can’t make you Love Me

The lyrics to the song “I can’t make you love me” show the listener why Raitt does what she does. There is so much emotion in her voice that this song will make you a fan of the song and the singer immediately.

1.”Something to Talk About

Once you hear this song you know why it belongs in the number one position for your favorite Raitt song. It has a moderate funky groove and is absolutely easy to sing along with and tap your toes to. That is most likely why it also is her top 10 songs best national charted song of her career and a definitive signature song for her.