10 best Kacey Musgraves songs
Grand Ole Opry

Kacey Musgraves is an overnight success, at least that is what a lot of people think because she arrived after she placed number 7 on USA Networks “Nashville Star.” Her real hard core fans know that she self released 3 albums before the show. In 2012 Musgrave’s signed to Mercury Nashville and has been enjoying success since then. She has a steadily growing fan base and is enjoying the airplay needed to push her career to the next level. She has been getting songs recorded by folks ranging from Martina McBride to Miranda Lambert. Her is the top 10 songs by Musgraves, some have charted nationally some have not.

10.”Follow Your Arrow

This is an unapologetic song that empowers the listener to follow their “arrow” no matter what. There is no right or wrong decisions. What might be perfect for one person may be totally wrong for another and only the person doing it will know.

9.”Blowing Smoke

The song is not about smoking but rather about getting stuck in a rut. We often go through life doing what we need to do to make ends meet and not manage to do what makes us happy. It is an absolutely great song.

8.”Merry Go Round

This is another song about getting stuck in the everyday life circles that often take precedent over our fun and enjoyment. Even though you can read a lot of different things into the lyrics it is a song that makes you think.

7.”Silver Lining

A well crafted song with meanings that could be very simple. However if you want to look deeply into the sub-meanings then you will likely find things that have totally different meanings. It has a nice tap your foot beat.

6.”Next Time

This is a hurting song where the singer has had it. In fact if there happens to be another man in her life she vows to not let her heart get broken again.


This song by Musgrave’s has a nice easy to listen to feel. It is a cross between country and bluegrass and has a nice hook, “Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.”

4.”It is What It Is

This is a great song that should be taken to heart by people that take life too seriously. Things will turn out like they are supposed to so just enjoy the ride.

3.”Step Off

The banjo is a traditional instrument that works really well in this particular song. It’s a song where the singer tells the person listening to move along if they don’t like the way things are going. She doesn’t want the negative feelings.

2.”Heart of Gold

This song was originally done by Neil Young and his band. Musgraves does a great punched up version of the song. She gives it a very nice modern country rock feel that stands up well against other songs out there.

1.”The Trailer Song

This country song hits a chord with people. People often associate trailer parks with rednecks and country music. This is a song that is between two people who live next to each other in a trailer park. It is a huge fan favorite and a great sing along song.