10 best Miles Davis songs
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Best known as a jazz musician Miles Davis who was born Miles Dewey Davis III has been a major influence in jazz music. He is credited with having birthed some of the current forms of jazz such as be-bop and jazz fusion. Davis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006 for his contributions to the genre. His list of music contains almost 50 studio albums. While jazz records were never national chart successes his top 10 songs list contains some pretty unforgettable music.

10.”So What

As you watch or listen to Davis perform songs like this you can see and hear the passion that he has for his craft. The song starts off fairly sparse in arrangement but it truly grabs you as Davis cuts loose on the trumpet.

9.”Blue in Green

This is from the Davis album kind of blue which was released in 1959. It is a mellow piece that has a lot of underlying hurt and passion in the notes.


This is the title cut off on one of his 1959 albums. The song is full of bounce and energy and very well orchestrated.

7.”Freddie Freeloader

This is mellow Davis jazz at its best. The song is simple and yet complex in some of its passages. The musicianship, as always is grand.

6.”Autumn Leaves

Coming in at slightly over 10 minutes long, this is considered an epic song. It features Davis, Hank Jones and Art Blakey. It is a song that has many movements and moves and breathes almost like a person as it winds its way around the melody.

5.”Bye Bye Blackbird

This is a jazz standard. Davis gives the song his own special signature treatment and leaves the listener satisfied but ready for more. The song is one his better and better known works simply because the song has been done by many artists and has been a hit with many of the versions.

4.”Nature Boy

This is a song that true Davis fans will enjoy. It is some of his best work and yet a song that is often forgotten by all but his most hard core fans because it is so rare.

3.”It Never Entered my Mind

This is an entry into the Davis top 10 songs list that will easily get stuck in your head. It has a very haunting melody and is full of emotion. You can feel the pain that the trumpeter is playing.

2.”Smoke gets in your Eyes

This has become a standard that is immediately associated with Davis. The sultry piano and trumpet paired together are very sexy and make a nice lovers song. This is one of those Davis tunes that people never get tired of hearing over and over again.

1.”Stella by Starlight

This is one of the Davis songs that people consider to be one of his best. It s at the top of his top 10 songs list because it is one that almost everyone is going to recognize whether they are fans of the genre of jazz or not.