10 holiday Kelly Clarkson songs for your get-together playlists
Kelly Clarkson/Greg Kurstin/RCA Records

It's that time of year to start putting together your holiday playlists for those dinner parties and celebrations of friendships and family. No matter your religious beliefs, there's a holiday song for everybody! Whether it's watching the snow, seeing children's delight, missing someone or praising your faith, it's a time of year to be thankful. Get your get-togethers going with your favorite tunes. Last year, Kelly Clarkson released her long-awaited holiday album Wrapped In Red. With classics and new songs alike, Kelly does what she does best and adds her variety of styles across the album. Here are 10 songs to mingle in your playlists.

10. "Underneath The Tree"

Released as the lead single, "Underneath The Tree" was written by Clarkson and producer Greg Kurstin who produced the entire project. It resembles a throwback to Mariah Carey's staple song "All I Want For Christmas." The chorus layered with a wall of sound effect gives it a big feeling singing "You're here where you should be/ Snow is falling as the carolers sing/ It just wasn't the same/ Alone on Christmas day."

9. "Winter Dreams (Brandon's Song)"

Clarkson married music manager and step-on to Reba McEntire -- her manager's son. She's found her prince charming after long years of writing angsty tunes, and the holiday time was perfect for her to write a happy song! As she sings about a snow globe scene around her, it's easy to picture her and Brandon skating and swinging around arm in arm while it pours snow. She's swept off her feet and if it's love, leave her in the winter dream.

8. "Silent Night (featuring Reba McEntire and Trisha Yearwood)"

Since becoming buddies with Reba before even dating her stepson, the two have teamed up to sing many times including two tours. Joining them on "Silent Night" is country icon Trisha Yearwood. The three ladies sing together like they have been doing it all their lives. Kelly has always loved harmonizing, and who better to do it with than two of country's greats. The song becomes a cappella of the three of them showing what they can do. This is a must-have for anyone who loves this Christmas song.

7. "Run Run Rudolph"

This is where it gets fun. Kelly brings a honky tonk Chuck Berry-vibe to this bouncy classic. It's soulful. It's rock. It's loaded with Kelly's power pipes and energy from start to finish. Get up and dance!

6. "4 Carats"

"4 Carats" is an original track on Wrapped In Red. It's more or less her diva song looking for some jewelry, something canary (maybe reference to the engagement ring now locked with her wedding ring?). This time, she's using her playful mid-voice begging Santa to bring "something shiny/ Like a diamond ring/ Just a little something from Tiffany's."

5. "White Christmas"

"White Christmas" is where Kelly Clarkson really shows off how classy her voice can be. As she's singing through dips and swoops, it's easy to picture Rosemary Clooney and she skillfully executes this Christmas classic.

4. "O Holy Night"

"O Holy Night" is an older song Kelly recorded for the American Idol Christmas album in 2003. Since then, fans have been waiting for a full Christmas album. Everything played out the way it should have. Listening to this track, it's simple and her voice is so young. The difference is now her voice is deeper and mature.

3. "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

This winter favorite has had a history of releases. Initially, it was recorded for the iTunes Sessions EP as a bonus. It was then released with the greatest hits in 2012 due to the release timing. It was then included on the Wrapped In Red deluxe edition originally released at Target stores. There's nothing more to say about her version because it requires a listen to appreciate the perfection that it is.

2. "Blue Christmas"

If you thought you'd escape a Kelly Clarkson holiday record without some country twang, here it is. This version of "Blue Christmas" has that old Patsy Cline-feel. She's channeling the old greats in country with the voice bends no one was expecting at first listen.

1. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

Kelly poises control throughout the entire version of this timeless classic. From the vibrato to the one high note, it's gentle and the perfect track to sit in front of a fire with hot chocolate.

Wrapped In Red is available in standard, deluxe, CD/DVD exclusive at Walmart, and vinyl from the official store including a limited green translucent vinyl.