10 Kelly Clarkson tour cover songs you might have not heard but should

Kelly Clarkson is always a favorite when she makes a record and goes on tour. Artists from both pop and country give her respect and admire her talent. From standing ovations at award shows to covering loads of songs, there's something magical about Clarkson which is why she won the first season of "American Idol" and has gone on to sell 23 million albums worldwide.

One of Kelly's trademarks is covering songs. Each tour she covers a song or two in her set but during her 2012 Stronger Tour legs, she included a fan request where a fan at each show was able to tweet a song using a hashtag and she would pick one out. The idea was to make each show special since concerts usually end up on YouTube. To make that even better, that put dozens more songs in the hands of diehard fans to add to their collection.

Clarkson has been rather quiet this year due to giving birth to her first baby daughter, River Rose. Recently, she performed at two free Microsoft store opening events and naturally, Kelly had to cover a song. At the first show, she covered Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" and at the other she put her own twist on Taylor Swift's megahit "Shake It Off."

Since then, media outlets have created lists of some of Kelly Clarkson's covers. Sure they like to include some of the popular songs like Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" and Rihanna's "We Found Love" but they missed out on some of the better covers where Kelly's voice blends effortlessly with her arrangements. The following list are covers songs that prove KC can sing just about anything, from Justin Timberlake to Tammy Wynette.

"Fade Into You" - Originally by Mazzy Star in the '90s, Kelly performed the acoustic song in North Carolina in September 2012. She described the song as for her one of those "repeat songs you listen to hypnotically over and over."

"Blown Away" - Giving some love to fellow "Idol" winner alum, Clarkson strips Carrie Underwood's hit single "Blown Away" down to an electric guitar lick accompanied by an acoustic, saying the song is "dark and cool." Performed in Perth during her UK/AUS leg of the Stronger Tour, she belted the country hit blowing the roof off the venue.

"Up to the Mountain" - In 2007, Kelly toured later in the year to promote her album My December. During that tour, her main cover choice was a song originally by Patty Griffin. She may have performed it with Reba McEntire during their two tours the following year but none of the performances of the song live up to the powerful rendition given in Melbourne. Nailing every high note easily, she takes you to church!

"I'll Stand By You" - One of the most loved ballads of the '90s, Kelly takes on the Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You" with just her guitarist Aben on his electric. Before starting the song, she jokes "Well don't scream yet! It might suck, you don't know!" Jumping to 1:35, Kelly does anything but that on the classic.

"Creep" - Iconic song of the '90s, Kelly admires Thom Yorke's voice of Radiohead. "I am not going to sound as sexy but I'm going to try my damndest!" she laughs before wailing on the alternative rock track bringing the audience to cheers throughout the song.

"Cold Desert" - Sporting her Def Leppard top in Massachusetts in August 2012, Clarkson chose an album track by Kings of Leon from their 2008 record Only By the Night. "Cold Desert" is melancholy with little scratches in her voice singing the ballad.

"Stand By Your Man" - Having a great show in Indiana in September 2012, drink in hand and all, she was nervous singing the old country classic by Tammy Wynette. There was no screwing up for the new mom, vocals bending like she was the first to perform the song.

"Somebody That I Used to Know" - A big hit in the summer of 2012, KC put her bluesy voice on the Gotye track. "I hope I do it justice. If I don't ... oh well! Better luck next time," she nonchalantly says before doing the song in her own sassy way.

"Princess of China" - Made famous by Coldplay and Rihanna, Kelly takes the duet and makes it into her own powerhouse spot on cover song. Dipping through highs and lows, "Princess of China" may be one of the strongest covers she's performed to date with not a break in her voice.

"Cry Me A River" - There's no style of music KC doesn't like. Being a big fan of Justin Timberlake, in 2012 during her Stronger Tour, the fan request in Tinley Park, Illinois, was the pissed off "Cry Me A River" and who does pissed off better than Kelly Clarkson in pop music? Another roaring cover song, the intensity of JT's hit fits her to a T.