10 songs to get you ready for Snowboard on the Block and the winter sports season

Happy snowboard season, Colorado.

This week's snowstorm may have wreaked havoc on tree branches and The xx's Red Rocks show, but for winter sports enthusiasts, it heralded an early start to the season. If you're the type to get giddy rather than depressed by these early snowfalls, you'll definitely want to hit Snowboard on the Block this Saturday, Oct. 14 at the Sculpture Park in downtown Denver. The all-day event will feature tons of gear at great prices, film premieres from Transworld Snowboarding and others, as well as musical performances from The Vandals and The Murder City Devils.

In the spirit of the event, we thought we'd put together a playlist featuring some of our favorite songs to shred to. Check out our list below, and to get tickets to Snowboard on the Block, follow this link.

"Don't Stop Me Now" - The Vandals
Formed in Huntington Beach, CA, The Vandals have always been more closely associated with the skate and surf scenes, but their music works just as well tearing up the mountain. The band's cover of the Queen classic "Don't Stop Me Now" has a propulsive energy that's perfect for hitting the slopes.

"Boom Swagger Boom" - The Murder City Devils
With its spooky organ intro and yearning vocals, this early Murder City Devils cut has a mood and attitude that's infectious. Snowboarding is all about swag and this song has it in spades.

"Fire on the Mountain" - Grateful Dead
This Dead hit might seem a little on-the-nose but the song's flow, luscious melody and soaring guitar solos will hit the sweet spot as you're cruising down the hill.

"Slide" - Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean and Migos
To be clear, yes we understand that "Slide" a summer song. Still, we're fairly certain that the song's rich groove, dope guest verses from Migos and smooth pace will make it a favorite for the upcoming winter sports season. Plus, it's called "Slide."

"Do Or Die" - Flux Pavilion ft. Childish Gambino
The term "banger" is literally the most overused word outside of "literally." But if it applies to anything, it's this track off of Flux Pavilion's 2013 Blow The Roof EP. Featuring a funny and sharp verse from Childish Gambino, "Do Or Die" is a dope hip-hop track until "the beat goes in," at which point the drop crashes down like an avalanche. Dubstep has quickly become a popular soundtrack for snowboarders and dynamic songs like this prove why.

"Too Young For Tragedy" - GRiZ
This spacious, flowing cut from Colorado favorite GRiZ is another prime example of snowboard-friendly dubstep (which shall henceforth be known as snowstep). Seemingly made for headphones, there's a compelling sonic architecture to this one and the song takes its time getting to the drop. But once it lands, look out below. And unlike most Hollywood blockbusters, the sequel is almost as good as the original.

"Around The Block" - Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli
We'll wrap the dubstep portion of the playlist with another Colorado artist who makes music ideally suited for boarding under wide open blue skies. Pretty Lights has always found a rare balance between organic instrumentation and filthy electronic flourishes and this track is an excellent example of his unmistakable style.

"Ride the Lightning" - Metallica
Heavy metal may not be for everyone, but for a certain segment of the snowboarding population, nothing else matters (sorry, had to). This Metallica classic may be a little off in terms of its weather references, but if you name your snowboard "Lightning," it's perfect.

"Nessun Dorma" - Luciano Pavarotti
Sure, many people view opera as the musical equivalent of taking your vitamins or eating a healthy meal. But here's the thing: You feel great after eating a healthy meal. Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" is one of the most powerful songs ever written and Pavarotti's voice will give you goosebumps like you forgot your ski jacket. Scoff if you want, but if you nail a trick at the exact moment Pavarotti completes his final "Vincero," you will feel bigger than the mountain you're riding.

"Free Fallin'" - Tom Petty
It's been a little over a week since we lost this rock and roll giant and it's more obvious than ever that we took Tom Petty's greatness for granted. Probably Petty's signature song, "Free Fallin'" works on a thematic level for both snowboarding novices and experts. But between its iconic opening guitar chords, the angelic harmonies and the catchy-as-hell chorus, few songs have ever been a better soundtrack to liberation. "Free Fallin'" will make you feel free, even if you're falling down the slopes.