10 things you didn't know about Michael Bublé

Music fans know Michael Bublé as a Grammy Award-winning singer. But how well do you know him? Check out these 10 obscure and surprising facts about the Canadian hitmaker, before getting your tickets to see Michael Bublé live here at AXS.

10) His breakthrough album was his third album

Bublé became a success with his self-titled album released in 2003. The record went Platinum in the United States, selling more than a million units and setting Bublé on the path to pop stardom. But it wasn't his first record; he had released two previous albums, BaBalu (2001) and Dream (2002). He's not an overnight success.

9) He also wanted to be a hockey player

While Bublé was always interested in music, growing up he also wanted to be a professional hockey player, as he revealed to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. While it's a good thing for music fans that his athletic career didn't pan out, he still remains passionate about the sport. The same interview mentions that he asks for a hockey puck from all the cities he tours in.

8) One of his first jobs was as a fisherman

Before he became a superstar, Bublé tackled a very different (and very difficult!) job. The Guardian reported that as a teenager, he worked as a commercial fisherman. Bublé was following in the footsteps of his father, who was also a fisherman. Bublé worked as a fisherman for six years, between ages 14 and 20, before he moved on to his career as a performer.

7) He never learned how to read or write music

Bublé's come up with a lot of hit songs, but when he creates them, he's shooting from the hip. The same Minneapolis Star-Tribute interview told fans that Bublé has never learned how to read music or write music. Instead, he considers the creative process to be "emotional." Clearly, it works for him with all of those Platinum records and those Grammy Awards.

6) He was on "The X-Files" (and got fired from the show)

Aside from recording music, Bublé has also dabbled in acting - but it didn't always go well for him. Earlier in his career, he appeared in the hit science fiction TV series "The X-Files." And, as he told TVLine back in 2015, he was fired off the show for going to the craft services table to get a hot dog. Fans can still see a clip of him from his "X-Files" episode by playing the video above.

5) A former Prime Minister helped him get his first record deal

Bublé got a rousing endorsement from former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Per the Canadian Press, it was Mulroney who convinced uber-producer David Foster to sign Bublé, while both were hearing Bublé sing at Mulroney's daughter's wedding. Luckily, Foster listened to his advice, and 18 years later it's pretty clear that it paid off.

4) He does great celebrity impressions

While appearing on AXS TV's "The Big Interview with Dan Rather" the singer revealed a hidden talent: he's one heck of an impressionist. He not only covers classic songs but can imitate the people who recorded them! And that's not counting the time he impersonated Justin Bieber for his "Hollywood" video.

3) He has his own fragrance

Many music stars branch out into the fashion world, and Bublé is one of them. Back in 2016, he launched his own perfume for women. Any fans who may have missed it back then can still purchase it through the fragrance's website, where there's also a cologne for men. While Bublé's fragrance is still going strong, it will not make anyone as cool as Michael Bublé.

2) He owns part of a hockey team

Perhaps owing to those childhood dreams of hockey stardom, Bublé is a part-owner of the Vancouver Giants. They're a junior hockey team in his native Vancouver. So while he'll never play professional hockey himself, he's supporting a team full of professional hockey players and doing so in his own hometown. That's a pretty cool consolation prize.

1) He's a Daytime Emmy Award nominee

Bublé has multiple Grammy Awards, but he was also nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award! Bublé earned the nomination last year, in the category of Outstanding On-Camera Musical Performance in a Daytime Program. He earned it for his performance in an episode of what was then called "Live with Kelly." While he didn't win, it's not an award that every musician can say they were considered for.

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