11 best songs about comic book superheroes

Comic Book Day is Sept. 25, and comic book heroes have inspired a number of songs. From punk rock to rap and everything in between, several music artists have written songs about superheroes. So in honor of the holiday, here are the 11 best songs about superheroes to listen to while reading your next comic book. Listen to them by clicking the song titles below.

11) "Spider-Man Theme" - The Ramones

The theme to the "Spider-Man" animated series was already a bit corny when it came out in the 1960's, but then The Ramones got a hold of it and turned it completely upside down. The lyrics are still cheesy, but give a ton of credit to the band for making Spider-Man sound like a punk rock superhero.

10) "Gotham City" - R. Kelly

For the 1997 movie "Batman and Robin," music producers enlisted R. Kelly to write this song not only about Batman but about the city that he protects. It goes a little off course when R. Kelly brings in the children's choir near the end, but otherwise, it's a nice ode to a superhero and his hometown.

9) "Ninja Rap" - Vanilla Ice

It's impossible to think about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles without remembering Vanilla Ice's rap tribute from the second "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie. The fun he must have had coming up with it is infectious. Maybe Vanilla Ice will perform "Ninja Rap" live at the 90's House Party concert at The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California on Sept. 23; tickets are on sale now at the AXS event page.

8) "Waiting For Superman" - Daughtry

Daughtry ventured into superhero territory when they recorded "Waiting For Superman," which comes from the perspective of a would-be Lois Lane while she's hoping that Superman will come to rescue her. It's a bittersweet song, but it does inspire that same hope for a hero. Tickets to see Daughtry live on tour this fall are on sale now through AXS.

7) "Superman Tonight" - Bon Jovi

Along the same musical lines as Daughtry, Bon Jovi released a Superman-themed song in 2010. Except their song was from the perspective of a man who aspired to be like Superman. Not only was it catchy, but it got bonus points because the corresponding music video (which you can watch by clicking the link above) paid tribute to a number of people who could be considered "everyday superheroes" like volunteers, teachers and a man who saved someone from suicide.

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6) "Kiss From A Rose" - Seal

The best thing about "Batman Forever" was its lead single by Seal. "Kiss From A Rose" was suitably dark and mysterious as Seal sung about how Bruce Wayne transformed into Batman and wound up winning a Grammy Award for it in 1996. Today, it's still the best song ever to come from a Batman movie or a Seal album.

5) "Untitled Self Portrait" - Will Arnett

Laugh if you want, but this Batman song from "The LEGO Movie" was a thing of brilliance. Will Arnett's Batman thought he was some kind of rock star when he wrote and recorded this tribute to himself, and it's bombastic and over the top but only in all the best ways. After all, if you listen to it, it really does sum up Batman better than any other song. Listen to it by playing the video at the top of this article.

4) "Flash" - Queen

Given Queen's legendary status, it's not a shocker that they were approached to write a song for a superhero project. "Flash" is not about the DC Comics hero, but rather about another superhero, Flash Gordon. Queen pulled off something very cool with the track, leaving you to wonder what they could've done if the band was still around today. They'd probably write a killer song for The Flash, too.

3) "Everyday Superhero" - Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth fans probably don't recall this hidden gem from the band's Summer Girl release. With their usual 90's pop-rock flair, the band sang about all of the daily hardships that go into being a superhero. What makes the song great is the lyrics are about having a hard time, but the music is just so happy, creating a single that is both confusing and awesome.

2) "Superman" - Five for Fighting

Nobody nailed the inner plight of a superhero better than Five for Fighting. John Ondrasik's ballad about the struggles of Superman was a massive hit for the singer and deservedly so. What makes "Superman" a top superhero song is that it's not just about the hero. Everyone can connect with it and understand the message, and feel a little less alone in the world.

1) "Iron Man" - Black Sabbath

Superhero songs will never get cooler than "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. From the moment this song starts, it's immediately recognizable. Everyone knows the song's jaw-dropping guitar riffs, and it's a no-frills tribute to one of comics' coolest superheroes. Black Sabbath got straight to the point and hearing them declare "I am Iron Man" will never, ever get old.

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