20 Best rock songs to listen to when going through a breakup

Love is a plethora of emotions that deliver romance, attraction, connection, virtue, desire, compassion, friendship, loyalty, excitement, and pleasure. If love is real, it is everlasting and never goes away; but if love is simply not meant to be, that is where breakups come in. The separation can be ultimately devastating, leaving a person heartbroken. After crying into a pillow for hours because of the love lost, some of the greatest ways of dealing with the situation are simply by listening to music. Music is medicine. In fact, many professionals use music therapy as way to help other people. So, what are the top 20 breakup songs in rock music?

20. "Addicted" by Kelly Clarkson
Released in 2004, this Breakaway hit proves that giving up love is a must. Especially if you are addicted to them and you know they are bad news. "It's like you're a drug, it's like you're a demon I can't face down."

19. "Second Chance" by Shinedown
When you are going through a dark time, do you think there are second chances? From Shinedown's album, The Sound of Madness and released in 2008, this hit is definitely a hit among rock music enthusiasts who are going through heartbreak.

18. "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette
"And I'm here to remind you, of the mess you left when you went away." From Morissette's 1995 album, Jagged Little Pill, this tune is one of the best breakup tunes around.

17. "In The End" by Linkin Park
As part of the Hybrid Theory album, released in 2000, this is not only the song that blew the band into stardom, but one of the greatest breakup songs. I've tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter.

16. "Blurry" by Puddle of Mud
When going through a really bad breakup, this song is a true savior. Released in 2001, "everything's so blurry, everyone's empty, and everything is so messed up." Definitely describes a breakup.

15. "Tainted Love" by Marilyn Manson
Although this song was originally released by Soft Cell in 1981, Manson really made this song so incredible when he released it in 2002. As one of the best breakup songs ever, no relationship is safe with tainted love. "Once I ran to you and now I'll run from you."

14. "Careless Whisper" by Seether
Although this song was released originally by Wham! in 1985, this epic cover by Seether released in 2007 has an edgier delivery and makes you believe that he should have known better than to cheat a friend.

13. "Time For Change" by Motley Crue
Does everything always stay the same? From Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood album released in 1989, this magical love ballad is one of the best breakup songs of all time. Do you think it's time for change?

12. "I Try" by Macy Gray
"I try to say goodbye and I choke. I try to walk away and I stumble. Though I try to hide it's clear, my work crumbles when you are not near." Released in 1999, this song is what a failing relationship is all about.

11. "Don't Cry" by Guns N' Roses
Released in 1991, this breakup song is one to not only love, but appreciate more so. Especially if you are going through a dark time. Don't you cry tonight, I still love you baby. If you are going through a break up, just think it is possible that no love really is lost.

10. "Pictures of You" by The Cure
"Remembering you fallen into my arms. Crying for the death of your heart." Released in 1989, this love song paints a picture of memory breeding experiences. If you can lie on your bed and cry for another person, you can remember the good they brought into your life, too.

9. "With or Without You" by U2
"I can't live, with or without you." Released in 1987, this epic breakup tune is what I refer to as a love/hate kind of song. It's a known fact that every relationship is bound to have a struggle, but this tune really comes in handy when it's time to call it quits.

8. "Tangerine" by Led Zeppelin
Released in 1970, this song is all about reminiscing about love and the memories shared between two souls. "Going from dark to light, as going from black to white. Tangerine, living reflection from a dream. I was her love, she was my queen."

7. "Whataya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert
"Just don't give up, I'm workin' it out. Please don't give in, I won't let you down." Released in 2009, this song is one of the greatest songs to listen to, especially when you part ways with your former significant other.

6. "Rolling In The Deep" by Adele
"We could have had it all, rolling in the deep." Released in 2010, this song is one of the best breakup songs ever in music. Although it isn't hard rock - it's more of a pop rock/blues fusion - it's a great breakup song.

5. "I Remember You" by Skid Row
Released in 1989, this rock ballad truly epitomizes the ending of a relationship, but it also allows you to remember the good because there is hope. Meaning, the future may place you together again. "Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand, love letters in the sand, I remember you."

4. "Alone" by Heart
Released in late spring of 1987, this power rock ballad proves to be one of the best breakup songs ever. "Till now, I always got by on your my own, I never really cared until I met you. How do I get you alone?"

3. "It's Now or Never" by Elvis
Released in 1960, this epic love song is one of the best songs to cry your eyes out to. As one of the first generational rock tunes, it really defines what love is all about. "It's now or never, come hold me tight. Kiss me my darling, be mine tonight. Tomorrow will be too late, it's now or never. My love won't wait."

2. "It Must Have Been Love (But It's Over Now)" by Roxette
"From the moment we touch til the time had run out." Released in 1990, this song will forever remain one of the greatest rock breakup songs in the history of music.

1. "What It Takes" by Aerosmith
Released in 1990, this power ballad is the best breakup song in all of rock music. "Tell me what it takes to let you go, tell me how the pain's suppose to go." This song is evergreen and will get you through any breakup.