Anthony Hamilton Live at 2015 New Orleans Jazz Fest May 1st
Anthony Hamilton Live at 2015 New Orleans Jazz Fest May 1st
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The New Orleans Jazz festival kicks off this weekend Friday April 24-26 and again April 30-May 3 with a gumbo assortment of artists. One artist that will be bringing southern flavor with a side of down home harmony is Anthony Hamilton. Now if you are a Jazz fest regular, then you know Hamilton fits right in here in the soulful and gritty oasis of the N’awlins Jazz Fest.

The North Carolina crooner has been belting out lyrics about the struggles of love, life, and being a man for 15 plus years. An icon in his own right, Anthony has helped paved the dirt stained streets of soul music, branding his sound to be synonymous with old school soul and neo-soul. Hamilton’s smooth falsetto mixed over jazz infused soul makes listening to his music feel like home. If you're thinking what would it be like to see this man would be A-ma-zing!

Anthony Hamilton has a style and a voice that makes his music seem new and untouched every single time you hear it. You know you’ve heard “Charlene” a hundred times, but for some reason, this time, it sounds so good. His music makes you feel revealed, emotional, and deep all at the same time. An Anthony Hamilton song will make you revamp your entire relationship, call that ex, or confess your true feelings to the love of your life. His music is that serious.

Hamilton’s live serenade will undoubtedly draw fans from all over to see him perform Friday May 1st on the Congo square stage at the New Orleans Jazz Fest.

The Grammy award winner, song writer, producer, and singer has a way of writing the words you want to say but never can. Many of Hamilton’s songs echo a feeling of regret, remorse, love, hope, duty and intention. “Point of it all” a fan favorite and hit from the same title album released in 2008, explains the point of love, commitment, and being together in a three minute tribute to all the things we do for the sake of love.

This melancholy poem is a true example of Hamilton’s talent in verbalizing love through day-to-day simplicities men and women feel inclined to do when in love. "I can’t stay away from you too long, even if I do, I’ll always call… checking on you make sure you’re ok, be the one to brighten up your day...”

These words from “Point of it all” are simple but they swim through your conscious mind painting pictures of that person and that feeling. Whether love lost or love found, Anthony Hamilton's music eloquently dictates that the reason for it all… is love.

Get your tickets and check out Anthony Hamilton live at New Orleans Jazz Festival May 1-3.