2019-20 LA Clippers schedule and home game tickets announced

The Los Angeles Clippers 2019-2020 home game schedule has been revealed and they kick-off their pre-season against the Denver Nuggets on October 10 (Tickets) and close out their regular season against the Minnesota Timberwolves on April 13, 2020 (Tickets). General admission tickets for the Los Angeles Clippers home games hosted at the STAPLES Center will be available for purchase beginning on August 13 (Tickets).

After making some blockbuster off-season acquisitions and giving the Golden State Warriors major problems in the 2018-19 NBA Playoffs, the Los Angeles Clippers are on a mission to become a dominant force in the NBA.

The Los Angeles Clippers finished their 2018-19 season with a record of 48-34 allowing them to scrape into the playoffs at the eighth seed. The team led by  Lou Williams' explosive offensive performances off the bench earned him yet another Sixth Man of the Year Award while Patrick Beverley brought intensity to the defensive side of the court and Montrezl Harrell established himself as a notable personality on the professional hardwood. 

Now, with the acquisition of two-time NBA Champion and two-time Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard, and six-time NBA All-Star, Paul George, the Los Angeles Clippers are prepared to take the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy for themselves this upcoming NBA season. With that said, check out the home game schedule and ticket information for Los Angeles Clippers 2019-2020 season below.

Los Angeles Clippers 2019-2020 Home Game Schedule 
Oct. 10 — vs. Denver Nuggets (Tickets)
Oct. 13 — vs. Melbourne United (Tickets)
Oct. 22 — vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Tickets)
Oct. 28 — vs. Charlotte Hornets (Tickets)
Oct. 31 — vs. San Antonio (Tickets)
Nov. 3 — vs. Utah Jazz (Tickets)
Nov. 6 — vs. Milwaukee Bucks (Tickets)
Nov. 7 — vs. Portland Trail Brazers (Tickets)
Nov. 11 — vs. Toronto Raptors (Tickets)
Nov. 16 — vs. Atlanta Hawks (Tickets)
Nov. 18 — vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (Tickets)
Nov. 20 — vs. Boston Celtics (Tickets)
Nov. 22 — vs. Houston Rockets (Tickets)
Nov. 24 — vs. New Orleans Pelicans (Tickets)
Dec. 3 — vs. Portland Trail Brazers (Tickets)
Dec. 17 — vs. Phoenix Suns (Tickets)
Dec. 19 — vs. Houston Rockets (Tickets)
Dec. 28 — vs. Utah Jazz (Tickets)
Jan. 2, 2020 — vs. Detroit (Tickets)
Jan. 4 — vs. Memphis Grizzlies (Tickets)
Jan. 5 — vs. New York Knicks (Tickets)
Jan. 10 — vs. Golden State Warriors (Tickets)
Jan. 14 — vs. Cleveland Cavilers (Tickets)
Jan. 16 — vs. Orlando Magic (Tickets)
Jan. 30 — vs. Sacramento Kings (Tickets)
Feb. 1 — vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (Tickets)
Feb. 3 — vs. San Antonio Spurs (Tickets)
Feb. 5 — vs. Miami Heat (Tickets)
Feb. 22 — vs. Sacramento Kings (Tickets)
Feb. 24 — vs. Memphis Grizzlies (Tickets)
Feb. 28 — vs. Denver Nuggets (Tickets)
March 1 — vs. Philadelphia 76ers (Tickets)
March 8 — vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Tickets)
March 13 — vs. Brooklyn Nets (Tickets)
March 14 — vs. New Orleans Pelicans (Tickets)
March 16 — vs. Dallas Mavericks (Tickets)
March 20 — vs. Phoenix Suns (Tickets)
March 30 — vs. Indiana Pacers (Tickets)
April 4 — vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (Tickets)
April 8 — vs. Chicago Bulls (Tickets)
April 13 — vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (Tickets)