2020 ESL PRO LEAGUE Season 11 Finals announced at Denver's 1STBANK Center
via: youtube.com (ESL Counter-Strike)

ESL Pro League Season 11 Finals are set to take place in Colorado. Tickets for the days of the Finals are on sale now, with the event announced for April 10-12. These momentous matches will be enacted at Denver's 1stBANK Center.

The ESL Pro League is the premier professional esports league for the game "Counter-Stike: Global Offensive." ESL Pro League has been active for a while, seeing its first events in 2015. Any "CS:GO" player who dreams of joining a professional league aspires to reach ESL Pro League. 

Season 11 of the League heralds the start of a truly global endeavor. Twenty-four teams from around the globe will compete to reach the Finals. In addition to condensing multiple regions into one global area, ESL Pro League Season 11 also looks to condense all matches into the span of a single month, starting in March and ending on the days of the Finals.

Popular teams, such as Astralis and Fnatic, will be participating in the matches leading up to the ESL Pro League Season 11 Finals. Fans looking to support their favorite teams or receive a concentrated dose of top-notch "CS:GO" gameplay should keep a careful eye on the happenings of Season 11.

2020 ESL PRO LEAGUE Season 11 Finals @ 1STBANK Center
Friday, April 10 (Tickets)
Saturday, April 11(Tickets)
Sunday, April 12 (Tickets)