2CELLOS bringing 2017 tour to Texas, Dallas in the plans

2CELLOS have morphed from an internet sensation to a successful touring band in a short time. The band released information on their website about their upcoming 2017 Score tour and they have two Texas concerts listed. However, there will be a third concert coming to Dallas, although the date and location of the show has yet to be announced.

For those who have not experienced 2CELLOS yet, the band is a duo of Croatian cello players, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser. They hit it big on YouTube when they released their cello cover of the Michael Jackson song “Smooth Criminal.” The have over 23 million views of the song to date and Sony Masterworks ended up signing the duo to a recording deal.

2CELLOS have since released three albums with the fourth, Score, coming out on March 17. Along with the album, the duo announced their huge tour, with tickets going on sale this week. The two dates lined up in Texas are for Houston on Nov. 2 and Austin on Nov. 3. The Dallas show, which is still unofficial at this time, will take place on Nov. 4.

Tickets for the 2CELLOS Dallas concert are not yet available but when they are they can be purchased here. There is no opening band scheduled at this time.