3 best moments from 'A Home For the Holidays with Miranda Lambert'
CBS/ YouTube

Country superstar Miranda Lambert headlined alongside co-host and rapper-actor LL Cool J for the 18th Annual “A Home for the Holidays” special which aired Dec. 23 on CBS. The special celebrates forever families who find each other via foster care adoption. The treasured holiday special features touching family success stories woven into stunning music performances. An all-star lineup of music artists joined the pair of Grammy winners to deliver an inspirational evening of story and song including Rachel Platten, Trace Adkins, and Alessia Cara.

Per Children’s Rights’ website, in 2014, over 650,000 children spent time in U.S. foster care. In the same year, more than 60,000 children whose parents’ legal rights had been terminated were waiting to be adopted. These numbers are positively frightening. CBS highlights success stories via the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in the heartwarming one-hour holiday-themed special, which also features children who are still in foster care longing for a family.

Check out our picks below for the three best musical moments from this year’s “A Home for the Holidays” CBS special.

Rachel Platten “Stand by You”

Nobody delivers an anthem the way Rachel Platten does and the little girls gathered around the stage were swooning over her emphatic “Stand By You” performance. The lyrics perfectly mirror the fierce love adoptive parents and their children can feel for one another. These families are formed in an unconventional way and often overcome many obstacles just to be together. Many families go on to grow an incredibly tight bond that is based on a much deeper emotional connection than shared DNA.

Platten’s lines in the first verse of the song especially fit the theme of the show:

“Hands, put your empty hands in mine/And scars- show me all the scars you hide/And hey, if your wings are broken/Please take mine so yours can open too/’Cause I’m gonna stand by you.”

Rachel Platten boldly reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and our capacity to triumph in the face of adversity, especially if we have someone there by our side to cheer us on. But, so many helpless kids are beaten down by their biological parents which often propels them into the foster care system. Finding a forever family can give these kids a shot at a believing in themselves and a brighter future.

Alessia Cara “Scars to Your Beautiful”

Once again, kids in the audience were singing along word-for-word to Alessia Cara’s powerful anthem “Scars to Your Beautiful.” So many kids in the foster care system have endured all kinds of terrible abuse and neglect, that often leave deep emotional scars and the kind of terrible negative self-image Cara sings about in her song. Love, above all, can heal all sorts of terrible wounds. Cara urges her listeners to love themselves and when abandoned kids finally find true love from a family, inner healing can begin and their potential to thrive is limitless.

Miranda Lambert “The House That Built Me”

Miranda Lambert closed out the evening with a beautiful, earthy rendition of her chart-topping, Grammy-winning song that is arguably career-defining. There’s something so profound about going back as an adult to visit our childhood home and Lambert skillfully leads us therein this song. Our sense of “home” and “family” is defined by our roots and the people who guided us along the journey to adulthood. Children in foster care often feel lost and helpless, with no real sort of identity. We all crave love and security. The most touching stories of the evening were the ones about lost and lonely children who were rescued by adoptive parents and went on to live happily ever after as a brand-new family unit. A Christmas miracle really couldn’t be more beautiful than that.

Find out more about foster care adoption at davethomasfoundation.org.