3 reasons we're excited for Alicia Keys' return to The Voice

Alicia Keys celebrates her birthday on Jan. 25, which is just a month away from her return to "The Voice." Keys will return as a coach for "The Voice" season 14 starting on Feb. 26, so in honor of her special day, AXS is counting the reasons why we're excited for her to reclaim her chair on NBC's award-winning singing competition.

1) She's a champion

Alicia Keys won "The Voice" season 12 with R&B singer Chris Blue, so music fans know that when she returns, there will be some genuine competition. That's the biggest thing that the show needs right now, as Blake Shelton just won for the umpteenth time. It feels like no one else is on his level right now, but Keys will make sure that he's not coasting next season. Plus, with her addition to the show, that means three of the four chairs will be filled by coaches who have won "The Voice." The competition will be at its highest level yet.

2) She's got the gift of banter

"The Voice" isn't just a music competition, it's a TV show, and what makes the entertainment part of it work is the banter between the coaches. That was lacking this most recent season. But Keys, who's been here before and already knows what's up, will have no problem coming up with witty zingers or surprising ways to win an artist over during the competitive blind auditions. She has a strong personality without being overbearing, and she can be genuinely funny in a self-deprecating way, so she'll also up the entertainment value of the show, too.

3) She's a superstar

One of the highlights of "The Voice" is when the coaches get to perform, whether it's with their artists or as the musical guest during the live shows. Alicia Keys has put on some amazing performances in her time on the show, like her performance of her single "In Common" or when she and finalist We McDonald delivered a duet version of "Ave Maria." Even if you're not into reality shows, music fans should be excited about her return because there will be some wonderful Alicia Keys performances that will be on TV and YouTube over the next few months.

"The Voice" season 14 premieres Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. on NBC. Alicia Keys does not have any upcoming tour dates, but fans will be able to catch her on the show throughout spring 2018.

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