30 gifts perfect for the music lover in your life
Marie Anakee — YouTube

The holidays are upon us, which means it's time to go shopping. Sadly, the process of gift-giving isn't always as easy as sticking an adhesive bow on a box, and it's especially hard to shop for those you love the most. Lucky for you, it just got a whole lot easier to find that special something for the music lover in your life (and let's be real, everyone's a music lover).

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These 30 gifts are perfect for the groovy people in your life to help them cherish their passion for music, show off their musical adventures and keep on rockin'. 

1. Personalized Soundwaves Print

Turn a favorite song into a visual staple that’s sure to bring some groovy vibes to any decor.
Not on the High Street

2. Ticket Stub Doormat

The perfect way to immortalize the iconic night your music loving friend had.
Lakeside Photo Works

3. Cymbal Art

These beautiful cymbals will instantly become a huge hit in anyone's desire for a feng shui room.
Cymbal Pleasures

4. Instrument String Bracelet

Brilliant simplicity for the music and instrument lover in your life. You can even add charms and birthstones to make this awesome recycled string super personalized.
No on the High Street

5. Personalized Mixtape Pillow

Give your friend the perfect pillow to rest their head on after a long night of headbanging.
Uncommon Goods

6. Musical Wine Glasses

Just a little alcohol and everyone can be a musical artist.

7. USB MixTape

Treat the music lover in your life to an old school gift classic with a modern technology twist.

8. Guitar Key

A great way to add some extra vibes to any music lovers keys.

9. AMP Head Jack Rack

So that key you bought your fellow music lover has the perfect place to hang.

10. Ticket Stub Album

A great way for the concert goers in your life to display their experiences in a great bookcase focalpoint.

11. Guitar Handle Mug

This cup is perfect for the music lover in your life to enjoy a nice cup of Joe, tea or maybe something stronger.

12. Vintage Vinyl Coasters

The perfect accessory for that groovy mug you got.

13. Guitar Pick Cutter Mega Gift Pack

Give your friends the opportunity to make anything into a guitar pick along with a leather keychain holder so they can carry them around forever.

14. Personalized Vinyl Journal

The perfect book to collect autographs and/or memories.

15. Fancy Sharpies

A nice set of Sharpies to go with that personalized journal for your music lover’s autograph collection.

16. Self-Closing Guitar Wall Hanger

A great way to display a favorite instrument or signed, collector beauty.
D&A Guitar Gear

17. Wireless Headphones

Perfect for the techy music lover who’s on the go.

18. Personalized Vinyl Storage Crate

A unique and personal way to keep a musical collection organized.

19. Guitar Phone Holder

A must-have addition for any guitar player. Perfect for tuning, displaying cords or bumping a song to play along with.

20. Ear Plugs

Concerts are loud, so make sure your music loving friend will still be able to hear after all those crazy loud nights. Plus they’ll never lose them with a handy keychain case.

21. Ticket Stub Shadow Box

Concerts, shows, attractions… it doesn’t matter what events your friends likes to go to, this shadow box is the perfect way to show off all their adventures.

22. Solar Charger or External Battery

Make sure your concert or festival going friend always has juice in their phone to snap some fresh pics.

23. Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Great to use in the showers or on the go. Doesn’t hurt that it also has a built-in flashlight and can charge a phone.

24. Vinyl Clock

So the music lover in your life is never late for their next show.

25. Guitar Collage Picture Frame

Give your special someone the perfect way to show off all those photos from festivals, shows and with their favorite musicians.

26. Music Festival Survival Pack

Everything your festival loving buddy needs to survive those crazy endeavours.

27. Guitar Socks

A simple accessory that allows your friend to carry their love of music with them all day.
Uncommon Goods

28. Personalized Lyric Pillow Cover

A perfect living room piece so
Not on the High Street

29. Gift Cards

Music lovers love listening to music, which makes giving them music the perfect gift.

30. Tickets

Besides listening to music, music lovers also love experiencing music. What better gift then getting them tickets to a night they’re sure to remember.