3Teeth premiere new video 'Shutdown'

Industrial outfit 3Teeth premiered the video for their latest single, “Shutdown” on Metal Injection. The clip features talking heads preparing for a broadcast when someone behind the scenes decides to spike their drinks with acid. From there, things take a weird turn as each of the newscasters start freaking out and hallucinating. Speaking about the new video, vocalist Alexis Mincolla says “Sometimes I see these talking heads spewing their knee-jerk dogma all over the TV and all I can think is how fun it would be to just slip a hit of acid in their morning coffee." Check out the video above.  

The track comes from their upcoming sophomore album, <shutdown.exe> out May 19 via OMF records. Lead single “Atrophy” premiered last year with a chaotic video showing the band performing during a violent riot. Check out the album’s tracklisting below. Pre-order your copy here.

So far, the band doesn’t have any headlining tours, but they will be playing with Rammstein. 3Teeth landed the opening spot for their Jun. 25 show in Jones Beach, NY. Tickets are currently on sale. 3Teeth will also play the Blackest of the Black Festival in Silverado, CA on May 26. With a new album on the way, more 2017 shows shouldn’t be too far behind. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Their self-titled debut album came out in 2014 followed by an accompanying remix album titled REMIXED the same year.

Last year, the band was picked by Tool to open for them on tour. Turns out Tool’s Adam Jones and Mincolla are friends and have known each other for a while. They previously met at an acquaintance’s wedding. 

<shutdown.exe> tracklisting:

1. Divine Weapon
2. Pit Of Fire
3. Atrophy
4. Oblivion Coil
5. Shutdown
6. Degrade
7. Tower Of Disease
8. Tabula Umbra
9. Voiceless
10. SlaveGod
11. Insubstantia
12. B.O.A
13. Away From Me