49 Seconds with YouTube sensation Wengie

With her effervescent charm and eye-catching videos, YouTube sensation Wengie has established herself as one of the site’s most prominent stars. Her slime and hack videos have racked up millions of views while over 13 million “Wengiecorns” (the name of her fans) have subscribed to her main channel.

But Wengie’s talents don’t stop with her endless prank and hack videos as she is an accomplished singer and performer as well. Her latest single “Mr. Nice Guy,” showcases the best of Wengie’s music. Featuring Filipino star Iñigo Pascual, the single’s slick pop production, arresting visuals, and message is a refreshing shift from typical pop music dominating the charts. It’s the perfect bop for your summer music playlists.

Wengie stopped by AXS for a segment of "49 Seconds" where the singer revealed her love for pho and the movie that scared her the most as a kid. Check it out above and check out more of Wengie’s videos here.