5 artists who promote healthy lifestyles on social media
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One of the great things about artists is their ability to inspire.

Thankfully, many of the musical and performing icons in the world are inspirations outside of their professions and use their lifestyles as a platform for motivation. And, although admittedly not a musical icon, Amgen’s Breakaway from Heart Disease campaign hopes to also inspire by encouraging people to stay active and make healthy choices in their diet to maintain good heart health.  

Looking for inspiration on social channels — like Twitter and Instagram — whether it be artists or Breakaway from Heart Disease, can help people to stay motivated and lead a healthy life.

1. Ellie Goulding

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When Ellie Goulding — best known for her hit single "Love Me like You Do" — began her rise to stardom, she quickly learned the importance of balancing work, health and life.

At the start of her career, Goulding suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks. Goulding used exercise and kickboxing as a way to take control of her health. She has also been an avid runner since she was 18 and is an advocate for promoting being fit, not thin.

While balancing her professional career and personal health, her passion for music and sports have become one and the same and she once told Nike, “I think my passion for exercise and my passion for performing on stage have started to intertwine slightly because I have to be fit to do all of the things I want to do on stage. Sports and music have a similar rush. But when I’m on stage, there’s no other feeling like it. It doesn’t come close to anything.”

Along with her inspiring workout posts, Goulding is also a vegan who is always posting photos of tasty treats on her social channels. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Kevin Hart

Comedian and superstar Kevin Hart firmly believes in taking advantage of your health to make the one life you get the best it can be. Hart understands that trying to be healthy isn't easy. It's a slow change that gets easier once your body and mind start getting used to the lifestyle.

As Hart said in an interview with People, “The best piece of advice that I could give anybody is that you’re not going to accomplish it all in one day. It takes patience, and past the patience to commitment. The mental exercise that you go through as well as the physical is so well worth the results because every day you’re challenging yourself.”

The comedian is not only humorous on his social platforms, but Hart is incredibly inspiring and uplifting with his posts. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

3. Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette is a rockin' woman who is a fantastic advocate for a healthy mind and body.

Back in an interview with Woman's Health in 2015, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her album Jagged Little Pill, Morissette explained the various struggles she faced recovering from depression and an eating disorder. During her recovery process, Morissette began using food as a way to heal her body and her mind.

"I was raised on macaroni and cheese," she told Woman's Health. "But I’ve noticed allergies that have gone away when I step away from dairy. I’ve noticed when I get the high-nutrient greens, I sleep better. There’s less moodiness. Food is entirely medicine to me. That doesn’t mean I’m just eating seeds and raspberries, although that’s fun, too, but it’s an integrative approach."

The American-Canadian singer considers herself "mostly" vegan and stresses the importance of a plant-based diet. Morissette regularly discusses the importance of psychological and mental health and posts the occasional #mindfulnessmonday on her social platforms. She also has an entire section of her Official Website dedicated to wellness. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

4. Chris Daughtry


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According to his Instagram bio, Chris Daughtry may be on the hunt for the "perfect cheeseburger" but the "American Idol" veteran understands the balance that is needed between body and food.

In an interview with People, Daughtry explained that if you want to eat the tasty treats with high calories, you need to make up for it in exercise.

“If I do eat those things, which is going to happen, I pay for my carnivorous sins right away,” he says. “I get more exercise and burn off the calories. You have to pay for them as you go, and not let them turn into 25 extra pounds. I’m not going to totally deprive myself of the things I love to eat; instead I’ll eat them in moderation and then immediately deal with the fallout.”

In the same interview, Daughtry explained that you should avoid late night eating and try to exercise every day. Daughtry is a fan of the #shamelessgymselfie and regularly posts exercises updates and photos from the gym on his social platforms, which are a great way to feel motivated to get out and get moving. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

5. Carrie Underwood

Also from the "American Idol" stage, Carrie Underwood is another advocate of healthy eating, exercise and having fun.

This country star understands the balance of work and play and likes to have fun with her workouts. As she once told Cosmopolitan, she will sometimes use a deck of cards to determine her workout by assigning types of workouts and areas of the body to different cards and suits.

Underwood is predominantly vegan with her diet and likes to know where her food comes from. "We hardly ever takeout or eat out because I don't like to. It's not that I'm an amazing chef — I stick to the basics, like roasted veggies and stir-fries — but I like knowing what's in my food, and it's hard to tell when someone else makes it for you.," Underwood said to Cosmopolitan in the same interview.

Underwood’s social channels and bright, fun, and always filled with inspiration and delish dishes. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

And don’t forget to check out Breakaway from Heart disease on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get more motivational tips to stay heart healthy!