5 artists who've had positive health transformations
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Music is a world built on change. From the ever shifting charts to the latest up-and-coming acts, something is always transforming in the world of music, including the musicians themselves.

Being on the road and constantly traveling doesn't always lead to the healthiest of lifestyles. It's always an empowering moment to see a musician take control of their health in positive ways and make healthy transformations to their life.

Just as these musicians and artists have shown the transition to a healthy lifestyle, Amgen’s Breakaway from Heart Disease campaign also encourages people to stay active and make healthy choices to maintain good heart health.  

The following musicians have truly shown that the transition to a healthier lifestyle is within everyone's grasp and is often much easier than we might think.

Thad Beaty

After his mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, Sugarland guitarist Thad Beaty — who was 34 years old and over 200 pounds at the time — realized it was time for some serious changes.

“We learned that a raw diet, greatly lowers your cancer risk levels. But we thought, ‘good grief, there’s no way we can do that,’” Beaty told Newton Running. But starting with simple changes, like smoothies for breakfast and salads for dinner, where the simple stepping stones to transitioning to a raw diet. “Before I knew it, I was fully vegetarian a few months out and the only thing left before I went Vegan was Greek yogurt—that was the last stronghold.”

Along with the dietary changes, Beaty also started exercising in small amounts that eventually developed into full blown regimens. He also regularly competes in Ironman triathlon and is an avid mountain biker.

Beaty's positive transition took him from 230 lbs to a lean 160 lbs and the transformation has encouraged his whole family, and even his fellow bandmates, to become healthier. Along the way, Beaty decided to bring together his new healthy attitude with his musical passion and founded www.musicthatmoves.org to encourage the industry to give back in healthy ways.

Jennifer Hudson

Former "American Idol" contestant Jennifer Hudson was adamant to lose the weight she had put on after her pregnancy. Hudson teamed up with Weight Watchers and ended up losing 80 pounds before parting ways with the organization in 2014 to pursue new music and projects.

The singer finds a good balance between a busy and healthy lifestyle. “I don’t really have time to do much [exercise],” she told British talk show "Lorraine." “I just watch what I eat. I’m very careful and cautious of what I’m eating and I just try to place those meals throughout the day.”

For Hudson, “It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet” and she continues to make sure she watches what she puts in her body and doesn't let food intimidate her. She also does not plan to lose any more weight because she has found where she wants to be and what makes her body happy.

The singer, actress and Academy Award winner also started the fashion line Jennifer Hudson Collection for QVC where she designs clothes for both her former size-16 self and current size-6 self.

"I feel like I represent every woman," she said in an interview with Women's Wear Daily. "I've been on both sides of the fence. I've been a big girl and now whatever this is, the average size, whatever you want to call it. But I wanted the clothes to be where any girl could wear it—no matter what size you are—and you could feel comfortable in it."

Ed Sheeran

Touring and performing on stage are workouts in and of themselves and singer Ed Sheeran attributes a lot of his exercise and activity to touring and being on stage. At the beginning of 2017 in an interview with The Breakfast Club, Ed Sheeran talked about taking some time off from music to travel for a year, only to come home and find that he had put on a lot of weight.

"I doubled in size," he said in the interview. "Sweatpants were the only things that fit and I thought everything had shrunk in the wash, but it hadn't."

The singer then decided to take up exercise and cut out beer from his diet which lead to a 50 pound weight loss. The singer has since started drinking beer again now that he is "fine" and back in the rhythm of touring and performing. He also takes his daily regimens in small strides and balances out the occasional pizza and beer with daily exercise and activity.

"I did ten minutes a day without fail – intervals of 30 seconds sprinting and 30 jogging," he told The Sun. "The key is to not miss a day, so you don’t have to do an hour."

Lauren Alaina

"American Idol" runner-up Lauren Alaina suffered from an eating disorder through her younger years and during the start of her musical career. Along with her personal drive and wanting to be the best version of herself she overcome her eating disorder in 2012. She later put on weight and didn't want to fall into the same bad habits trying to trim the pounds.

“I want to be the girl who has a positive influence on people’s lifestyle. I don’t want to be the girl who has an eating disorder and that’s why she looks the way she does," she told the Tennessean.

Not wanted to fall back on an eating disorders to lose the weight, the singer decided to get up and get active and take control of her body through diet and exercise. She now exercises six days of the week, practices boxing and her diet consists of protein, vegetables and low carbs.

Alaina's single “Road Less Traveled" — from her 2017 album of the same name — captivates the struggles she has been through. Love and self-acceptance are overall themes throughout the entire album as a way for Alaina to help inspire her fans.

“A lot of my fans are young women that are my age,” she told Motto. “We’re all going through the same problems at the same time, so I just tried to be really honest with that.”

Patrick Stump

The lead singer of Fall Out Boy was beginning to suffer some serious health risks due to his weight. In a 2011 interview with US Weekly, the singer explained that he suffered from high blood pressure and cholesterol and his weight was even giving him asthma attacks.

During a trip to Japan, Stump realized that portion control was a huge factor in diet since American portions are so much larger than other areas around the world. Stump also cut out alcohol and took up exercising to help get himself to a healthier lifestyle.

"I never really ate that bad, I just ate too much" Stump told US Weekly. "It wasn't like I had to switch to whole wheat bread or something like that. I really just had to eat less of what I was eating and I had to exercise more. It's an ongoing battle, and it's still something that I have to watch, especially with exercise because it sucks."

Stump works on training a couple times a week depending on his tour schedule. Stump ended up losing 60 pounds during his lifestyle transformation,

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