5 Bauhaus songs fans should hope to hear on Poptone's upcoming tour
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It has been nearly 40 years since the original lineup of the band that would go on to become known as Bauhaus performed together for the first time on New Year’s Eve, 1978. While the original members aren’t performing together anytime soon, half the band are currently on a short North American tour lasting until early July with their new band, Poptone. The trio is made up of founding Bauhaus members Kevin Haskins and Daniel Ash, with Haskin’s daughter Diva handling the singing and bass responsibilities.

Even though Ash has said in the past that “it’s boring for [him] to do songs that are so old,” fans should still hope and expect to hear some tunes from deep into his former band’s dark catalog at some point throughout the tour. At one of Poptone's first gigs at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas on May 12, the trio only pulled out one Bauhaus song during the encore with “Slice of Life.” So for their upcoming tour dates, here are five more Bauhaus songs that fans should hope make an appearance on the setlist. 

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Dark Entries

1980’s “Dark Entries” was never released on one of the band’s studio albums, and quite frankly, it's good enough that it doesn’t need to be. The song’s punk-like tempo mixed with the descending guitar parts right there with Haskin’s snare makes the song feel like it’s destined to end up somewhere else than where it started. It’s raw, it’s loud and it’s a deep cut that still works in 2017 as well as it did in 1980.

Kick in the Eye

This song off their 1981 ‘Mask’ album has a transitional rock sound that finds itself at the end of 1970s arena rock and the then-emerging new wave craze of the 80s. Its call-and-response bass riff leads the way on this track, and would be fun to hear how Diva Haskins makes it her own when played live. That and the fact that “Kick in the Eye” is a really good song to dance along to!

The Sanity Assassin

The band really finds their rhythm with this adrenaline-pumping song. Ash’s guitar riff leads the way along with Haskin’s 16th notes on that hi-hat of his. The song almost gives the listener an animalistic and primal feel as the vocals build alongside the music as it climaxes around the 3:00 mark. It doesn’t give the listener or its performers much time to breathe, but that can be left until after the show.

She's in Parties

“She’s in Parties” was one of the band’s higher charting singles, and would ultimately go on to be their last one commercially released before their 1983 breakup. Appearing on their 'Burning from the Inside' album, the song comes from writing and recording sessions which didn’t really include singer Peter Murphy, so you really hear contributions coming from the other members. The song’s slower, dramatic feel could do a great job of slowing the set down with its dark and haunting themes.


The title track from their 1981 album, “Mask” takes fans to a cryptic place with its spacey intro and steady build. It really relies on rhythm and vocals rather than traditional guitars to carry it, which will give the father and daughter duo their chance to show how well they really mesh together.