5 Bell Biv DeVoe songs we want to hear at their Dallas concert
Bring Back the 90's / YouTube

Bell Biv DeVoe are back out on tour and they will be hitting Dallas on June 9 at the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie. Fans in attendance will surely get to hear all their greatest hits but there are some songs by the three former members of New Edition that might resonate more than others. Here is a look at five songs we want to hear from Bell Biv DeVoe when they hit Dallas this month. AXS has tickets available for the Bell Biv DeVoe Dallas concert (Tickets) now starting at just $30.

1. “Poison

Of course, most fans attending the Bell Biv DeVoe Dallas concert are there to hear the biggest hits and there is no bigger hit for Bell Biv DeVoe than “Poison.” Anyone who attended a dance club in the ‘90s would hear this song at least once in the night and everyone will be singing along when Bell Biv DeVoe starts singing “Poison.”

4. “Do Me

One of the most popular Bell Biv DeVoe songs that they released in their heyday. While it wasn’t a number one hit, it might be the band’s most recognizable song by the band after “Poison.” The best thing about “Do Me” is that Bell Biv DeVoe has released a lot of remixes over the years and “Do Me” might be one of the most popular songs they play at their Dallas concert.

3. “Something In Your Eyes

“Something in Your Eyes” was the last single that Bell Biv DeVoe for eight years, from their most hardcore rap-influenced R&B album Hootie Mack.  This was also the band’s highest ranking song on the Billboard charts since their breakout album Poison. This might not be one of the best songs by the guys in Bell Biv DeVoe, but it is full of swagger and is a great concert number.

2. “When Will I See You Smile Again

While it was never a number one single for Bell Biv DeVoe, “When Will I See You Smile Again” remains one of the band’s signature tunes. It was the fourth single from their debut album “Poison” and was the first single from that album to slow down the dance beats and deliver the more soulful sound that New Edition was best known for.

5. “Run

While fans at the Bell Biv DeVoe concert in Dallas will want to hear all the biggest throwback hit songs from Bell Biv DeVoe’s career, a lot of fans at the Dallas concert will want to hear something new and different as well. “Run” was the first new video that the band had released in 15 years and it really is a throwback to their classic hits, which should make it a perfect hit for their Dallas concert set.