5 best Ariana Grande music videos
ArianaGrandeVevo / YouTube

Before she was one of the world's biggest pop music stars, Ariana Grande was an actress. That means that she had an advantage when it came to the world of music videos in knowing how to work with the camera. She could act and had connections in the television industry to call on and work with some brilliant filmmakers on her videos. As a result, Grande was able to put together a nice string of music videos that adds so much more to the already quality songs in her catalogue. Here is a look at the five best Ariana Grande music videos that can stand on their own.

5. “Bang Bang

Most of the music videos on this list are all about the stories and concepts. However, not all music videos need to be arty and high concept. A perfect example of a video that aspires to be nothing but loads of fun is “Bang Bang.” This is a song by Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj and features the three women just cutting loose and having fun. It worked as the video has over 970 million views on YouTube.

4. “Dangerous Woman

While Ariana Grande was seen by many as a young former Nickelodeon TV star, the singer really broke out of those trappings when she started showing her more sultry side. With “Dangerous Woman,” Grande stepped completely out of her childhood but did it in a way that never once seemed trashy. The Young Astronauts directed this Ariana Grande music video with the singer dressed in black lingerie and posing in front of curtains and bed sheets. It was sexy but also arty and has received over 100 million views.

3. “Right There

Up next is the first video on this list that displays a more structured short film inside an Ariana Grande music video. This could be classified as Ariana Grande meets Shakespeare, with the story structure of “Romeo and Juliet” with Grande at a costume party dressed as Juliet and Patrick Schwarzenegger dressed as Romeo. The movie had a lot of references to the Baz Luhrmann “Romeo and Juliet” adaptation.

2. “One Last Time

Really giving Ariana Grande a chance to show her acting chops came in “One Last Time.” The video has a meteor racing towards the Earth to destroy all life on it while Ariana sings about her former lover as the world burns around her. The symbolism is evident and the video is just striking. Grande came up with the idea and Max Landis, son of legendary film director John Landis (“Animal House”) came up with the concept.

1. “Problem

Arguably, the best Ariana Grande music video of all time is “Problem,” a song and video that really helped turn Ariana from a teen pop star into a legitimate superstar. The video is a vintage looking 1960s style affair with Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea dressed in 60s era clothes with psychedelic colors and special effects playing around them. The video was a monster success, with over one billion views on YouTube. It also won Grande a VMA for Best Pop Video.