5 best Big & Rich lyrics

A chance meeting led to one of the most unique combinations of singers forming the country duo, Big & Rich. Comprised of "Big" Kenny Alphin from Virginia and John Rich from Texas, this outstanding songwriting and singing duo blasted into the country scene with "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" back in 2004. Known for party tunes and upbeat dance tracks, the duo has powerful messages in some of their forgotten or unreleased songs. Here are some of the band's best lyrics.

5. "Saved"

The boys go back to their roots in this song as they write about religion and how people become saved in their lives. Whether it be from anger, alcohol or women, they beg for mercy as they hit bottom in the song. Found on their debut album, Horse of a Different Color, this song gets lost in the party tunes from the album but speaks a message to listeners. The best lyrics in the song are found in the chorus: "Last night I told the devil where to go / You know heaven's got my soul / Ain't gonna listen to his lies no more / Last night I told the devil where to go". 

4. "Love Train"

This upbeat tune takes a look at how views of situations are different from each side someone looks at it; whether it be politics, race or social status. Looking at a way to solve the divide, the band talks about everyone getting along on the Love Train. The first lyrics in the song set the stage for the song: "I see people gettin' mad on CNN / Who's right...democrats or republicans? / I don't care who's right or wrong / I know a way we can all get along."

3. "That's Why I Pray"

One of the only tunes the duo did not write, this song, written by Danelle Leverett, Blair Daly and Sarah Buxton, looks at the power one person can have on the social issues around them. They may not save everyone, but that person can pray for what is happening in the world. With a positive outlook for the future, the lyrics of the chorus become some of the best lyrics in the song: "Now I’m begging for forgiveness / I wanna make a difference even in the smallest way / I’m only one person, but I can feel it working /  I believe in better days /  That’s why I pray."

2. "8th of November"

The song tells the story of Niles Harris, a bartender that Big and Rich met during their early touring years, and the story of his time in Vietnam. Harris told the duo about his time in 1965 and the songwriters tell the tale that Harris told them. About his military career and the ambush that overtook him and his brothers in the jungle. The best lyrics of the song tell of the yearly event Harris has for his fallen brothers: "He puts on a grey suit / Over his airborne tattoo / And he ties it on one time a year / And remembers the fallen / As he orders a tall-one / And swallows it down with his tears."

1. "Live This Life"

This inspirational tune brings to light the difficulties people face with powerful lyrics telling the story of the child in a wheelchair or the suicidal person on the bridge. Spreading the love of Jesus is the main focus of the lyrics as one person meets these desperate folks along their journey. The best lyrics of the song come in the chorus: "I have no fears, angels follow me wherever I may go / I live this life until this life won't let me live here anymore."

Whether writing songs for themselves or for other artists, including Martina McBride, Gretchen Wilson and Jason Aldean, this duo are pros at their craft. You can read more about Big & Rich here.