5 best Blondie lyrics
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In the 1970s, the fusion of rock, pop, and new wave was bringing a number of new artists to the scene. American rock band and new wave and punk pioneers Blondie brought new sounds and a unique style to the music scene at the time. Fronted by the daring and brazen personality of Debbie Harry, Blondie would go on to be hailed as one of the most influential bands of the era. In 2006, Blondie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a testament to their influence and songcraft. So, now AXS takes a look at the five best Blondie lyrics.

5. “No Exit

These lines from 1999’s No Exit depict being ready for a killer night out. There can be magic or disaster on a night out. There is unknown potential in every encounter and unpredictable risk in allowing someone else to fill themselves with you. Is it dangerous or exciting?

Best Lyrics:

“There's no sin in this: getting dressed to kill,
laughing down the sun like a jackal will.
With his eyes ablaze and his lips apart
he's gonna fill his cup with the love in your heart”

4. “Die Young Stay Pretty

This ode to old age comes from the 1979 album Eat To The Beat. This verse address the question of: how will you have spent your life? Will it be spent waiting for your life to start? Waiting for your dreams to come true? Or will you seize the moment and live while you’re still young at heart?

Best Lyrics:

“Oh, you sit all alone in your rocking chair
Transistor pressed against an ear
Were you waiting at the bus stop all your life?
Or just to die by the hand of love?
Love for youth, love for youth
So live fast 'cause it won't last.”

3. “Nothing Is Real But The Girl

There is a universal truth in these lines from 1999’s No Exit. Is there anyone that hasn’t had a week where every day was Groundhog’s Day. A period in your life where it seemed as if time stood still and froze you exactly where you didn’t want to be and each new day was just as taxing as the last? Yeah, it’s happened to most of us and Debbie Harry puts that feeling to music.

Best Lyrics:

“Some days are all Mondays.
Sort of time on ice.
It seems like jet planes on snowed in runways under clear blue skies.
Who needs it?”

2. “A Rose By Any Name

This song from Blondie 4(0) Ever provides a message of love and acceptance. It is here that Harry sings that it doesn’t matter who you are, there is love in the world for you. These lyrics play on the quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” It doesn’t matter how you identify yourself, you are still you and you are worthy.

Best Lyrics:

“If you're a boy or if you're a girl
I love you just the same
Wherever you go, all over the world
A rose by any name”

1. “War Child

Nothing has been more consistent in US history than our country’s involvement in war and peace talks. In this song from 1982’s The Hunter, Harry’s lyrics ring out about the consequences of war on the people who have to live through it, especially the children. What are the enduring effects of bearing witness to that kind of conflict? What becomes of their lives? Their homes? Do they learn compliance or resistance?

Best Lyrics:

“I learn resistance
Like I learn to see
A living witness
A lonely refugee
I'm a war child”