5 best Brad Paisley music videos
YouTube/Brad Paisley

You can't talk about country music today without mentioning Brad Paisley.

Compared to country music stars on the scene now, Paisley is a veteran who commands high crowds and big hits. This year, Paisley will return to Houston to perform at Rodeo Houston, and his show will, no doubt, be one of the E-ticket concerts that no rodeo fan should miss.

So, to get you ready for the show, here are Brad Paisley’s top five videos of all time.

5. “I’m Gonna Miss Her”

Watching this video will take one back in time, back to when Dan Patrick hosted “SportsCenter.” Back to a time when life was simpler and there wasn’t much strife. Back to a time when a man just wanted to fish, which, by the way, is part of what “I’m Gonna Miss Her” is about. Paisley just wants to fish, but his wife doesn’t want him too. Also making an appearance, the great Jerry Springer, doing what he does best.

4. “Online”

Brad Paisley videos are always a joy to watch, and this 2009 clip is simple yet awesome. The video to “Online” splices between Paisley singing in a soldout concert, and a man who works as a pizza delivery driver wanting a better life. The song is based on this guy and may give a glimpse into Paisley's life before he became a star.

3. “Last Time for Everything”

OK, one thing that makes this video cool is the “Stranger Things” intro, showing that Paisley can adapt to the times. The second thing is how the video was shot, which is filmed like a home video. In fact, parts of the video actually show the younger Paisley in actual home videos. “Last Time for Everything” is basically a remembrance song, and it’s a nice trip down memory lane. Also, look out for the immortal Walkman commercial.

2. “When I Get Where I’m Going” ft. Dolly Parton

When the great Dolly Parton collabs on a song, you know that music has made it in the country world. “When I Get Where I’m Going” is a touching ballad that Paisley performs with mastery, and the addition of the country legend Parton only adds to the heartwarming moments that one feels when listening to this song.

1. "Water"

If there was a video that sums up Paisley's southern charm, it’s “Water.” There is nothing complicated with this video. It speaks of summertime fun in the sun, lounging by the pool and soaking up life. We can’t help but think about how many outfit changes Paisley had to go through, as he gets pretty wet. But, it fits the theme of the song, and it makes for the perfect summertime track, while one is lounging at the beach.