5 best Brandy Clark lyrics
Brandy Clark

Singer/songwriter Brandy Clark is a musical storyteller whose lyrics describe the lives of the many characters in small towns in her two albums, 12 Stories and Big Day in a Small Town. Clark is nominated for two Grammy Awards for the 59th Grammy Awards, take place on Feb. 12, 2017. Clark is nominated for Best Country Solo Performance for “Love Can Go to Hell” and Best Country Album for Big Day in a Small Town. Clark has written many great lyrics, for her own music and for other country artists. Following are some of Brandy Clark’s best lyrics

5. “Since You’ve Gone to Heaven” 

Clarks father passed away at work at the age of 52. It was before the tragic attack of 9/11 and Clark is bitterly happy that he didn’t live to see the carnage. That is not to say she doesn’t miss him, or ever wished him dead, just glad that he didn’t have to experience the pain.  In this poignant song she talks to her father, telling him about the problems in the family and the small town. Clark explained, in a video, “My dad passed away right before 9/11. And when 9/11 happened, the whole world and our country were just crazy. And I thought, ‘Since Dad died, the world has just gone to hell.’” Shane McAnally was Clark’s co-writer on this song.

Best Lyrics:

And I hate you had to leave us, but glad you didn’t live to see this
The broken pieces of the family you made
Mama's looking so much older, baby brother can't stay sober
I bet you’re rolling over in your grave

Since you’ve gone to Heaven, I’ve struggled with goodbye
And broke a lot of promises I made the day you died
Wish I was more like you, less like myself
And I wish that I could talk to you ‘cause I could use your help
Since you’ve gone to Heaven the whole world’s gone to hell

4. "Girl Next Door

From Big Day in a Small Town, “Girl Next Door” is a sassy song about a man who two very different women, the debutante at home and the wild woman on the side. The wild woman lets him know that his behavior is not acceptable and he will have to choose. It is a song that both women and men can relate to, per Clark in the video “The Story Behind ‘Girl Next Door.’”

Best Lyrics:

If you want the girl next door
Some Virgin Mary metaphor
Your cardboard cutout on the wall
Your paper or your Barbie doll
With perfect hair and a perfect dress
I'm really just the perfect mess
And I ain't nothing less or nothing more
So, baby, if you want the girl next door

Then go next door and go right now
And don't look back, don't turn around
And don't call me when you get bored
Yeah, if you want the girl next door
Then go next door

Sorry I ain't sorry
That I ain't your Marsha Brady, uh-uh
If I ever met her, bet she'd probably hate me
Cause you'd wanna date me

3. “Three Kids No Husband

“Three Kids No Husband” is on the album Big Day In A Small Town. The song describes the dismal life of a single mother waiting for the late child support, while working as a waitress, taking the kids to school,  and keeping up with the housework. Clark calls it one of her favorites in a video about the song.

Best Lyrics:

She smokes a cigar ette out by the loading dock
And tries not to pick the polish off her nails
She thinks about a guy who's been coming in a lot
She starts to dream and then she stops herself

She's got three kids, no husband
So she's a mom and a dad and a taxi driver
When the baby's sick, she's an up-all-nighter
A hand and a shoulder and a referee
A real life hero if you ask me
'Cause those kids ain't gonna raise themselves

2. "Big Day in A Small Town"

The namesake song of the album tells the story of the small scandals that take place in a small town where not much seems to be happening, so every event is fodder for gossip. In the song, a teen has a baby in school, a father gets drunk and misses his son’s son's football game, someone shoots a deer, and people get married or buried or carried away. Clark talks about life in a small town in the video “The Story Behind ‘A Big Day In A Small Town.’”

Best Lyrics:

There ain't no mall, no waffle house
But there's always somethin' to talk about
Around here, somebody shot a deer
Somebody's gettin' married, buried, or carried away
The sun comes up
And the sun goes down
Ah, it's a big day
In a small town

1. “Love Can Go to Hell’

“Love Can Go to Hell,” from Big Day in a Small Town is Grammy nominated for “Best Country Solo Performance.” The song also is one of 20 Grammy nominated songs by various artists on the 2017 Grammy Nominees album. The song has a tricky double-meaning because it initially seems to be a swearing off love, but it expresses feelings of longing for lost love.  Clark stated that she initially thought about it as a song about being mad at someone. Co-writer Scott B. Stepakoff brought another element to the story and made her see other meanings behind the phrase. She also credits Jay Joyce’s production with taking the song beyond what she envisioned. She said that when Scott said the verse Roses in the vase of whiskey created an image that made her feel passionate about the song, per the video about the story behind the song.

Best Lyrics:

Love can go to your head
Like a shot of something strong
Love can go to your bed
And stay there all night long
Love can go on and on
Like a Sunday morning sparrow
Love can go to your heart
Like a sweet-talking arrow

Love can go to hell
In a broken heartbeat minute
Every day is just another night by myself
Love can go to hell
Like roses in a vase of whiskey
Dying for the way you used to kiss me
Heaven knows I only wish you well
Oh, but love, yeah love can go to hell