5 best Camila Cabello music videos
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Camila Cabello has firmly asserted herself as one of pop music’s hottest rising stars. Having already garnered a loyal international fan base in her time with Fifth Harmony, Cabello hit the solo artist landscape running. Her eponymous debut album topped charts all over the world and its incomparable Latin-flavored lead single, “Havana,” defied conventional radio odds and soared straight to the top of multiple international charts.

Cabello’s genuine, bubbly persona shines through in multiple interviews. The Cuban-American singer-songwriter has been candid about being shy in the spotlight and prefers to live her life as a “normal” girl. However, when she gets on stage a fiery, passionate, and sultry performer takes over and the "Never Be the Same" songstress continues to thrill live audiences everywhere.

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Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Cabello organically injects her Latin music-influenced upbringing into her performances and music videos. This is most obvious with her Young Thug collab hit, “Havana.” The Billboard Women in Music Breakthrough Artist is proud of her heritage and remains humble in the face of her success. She credits her mother for “breaking through doubt, breaking through fear, and literally breaking through barriers” to bring her to America.

Cabello’s first collection of songs on Camila make a proud, personal statement about who she is as a person and an artist. She demonstrates her vocal prowess on introspective, low-key ballads and knows how to crank up the heat in up-tempo dance tunes. The multi-faceted styling of her evolving creative center also rings through in her growing collection of music videos.

An AXS ranking of the five best Camila Cabello music videos is listed below.

5. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” feat. Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello has delivered some hot collaborations and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” with Shawn Mendes is one of them. The song illuminates the guilt that eats away at an unfaithful partner and the loneliness and frustration the one left at home feels. Mendes and Cabello move toward each other over a dark, desolate, smoldering landscape in the video Overall, it paints a strong symbolic visual picture of a broken relationship. Murky gloom, then pouring rain engulfs the duo as they sing the tormented lyrics, which mirrors the desperation they feel.

4. “Crying in the Club”

“Crying in the Club” is Cabello’s debut solo single, which she co-wrote with Sia and a team of songwriters, including Benny Blanco. It boasts a tropical, dancehall sort of beat. She pines for a lost love in the shadowy video opener. Then she tries to dance away her sorrow in the club, only to find herself lonely there too, in the middle of the dancing, swaying throng. It's a quintessential breakup song and the video accentuates the lost and lonely feeling at the track's pulsing core.

3. “Never Be the Same”

Directed by Grant Singer, the opening sequence in the video for “Never Be the Same” plays like an intimate home movie. Cabello flirts with the camera person as she’s filmed in a bathrobe doing things like eating French fries in her hotel room bed. In another sequence, she does photo shoot poses, including one in a bold, red leather wraparound dress. Throughout, she sings of being caught up in the throes of an addictive kind of love that feels like chemicals rushing through her veins. Cabello shows a grown-up, sensual side in this video, which also projects a strong art-cinema vibe.

2. “Consequences” (orchestra)”

Cabello ruminates about a past love in the raw, vulnerable video for “Consequences.” The imagery is stunning as she walks down a path surrounded by autumn leaves. She intermittently stops to remember meaningful, loving relationship moments which are displayed in a series of ghost-like, movie style images Winter eventually arrives and memories of heated arguments fill the screen. Ultimately, tears line Cabello’s cheeks as a younger, romantic image of herself fades away near the end of the video. Overall, the "Consequences" video is poignant and heartbreaking and ranks as one of her best.

1. “Havana”

Our pick for Camila Cabello’s No. 1 video was an easy one. The clever, watching herself inside a soap opera opener is so much fun. The TV goes out and her “grandmother” calls her by her given name (Karla), and speaks in rapid Spanish, telling her she needs to start living her life. Once her grandma falls asleep, she and Young Thug are starring in a movie called “Havana,” in which her character ends up alone, which bothers Cabello.

There are multiple stories wrapped inside each other throughout the six-minute-plus video, which beautifully depicts Cabello’s cultural background. As of January 2019, the “Havana” music video has garnered over 750 million views on YouTube. Hands down, the video is Cabello’s best.