5 best Cardi B music videos
YouTube/Cardi B

Cardi B has become a very huge figure in the music industry.

Though she has been getting a lot of press lately for speaking her mind on the politics of the day, we still can’t forget about the banging music that she puts out. Just recently, she collaborated with the City Girls for the video “Twerk,” and there are some hints out there that a Cardi and J. Cole collaboration is in the works (please, let this be true!)

In the meantime, though, fans in Houston will be preparing for her set at this year’s Rodeo Houston, and to get them ready, here are the five best Cardi B music videos of all time.

5. “Foreva”

Back in 2016, Cardi B was beginning to make headways with her unique approach to the hip-hop game, and some of her more famous quotes can be gleaned from her earlier videos, one of which is “Foreva,’ which goes hard with both the lyrics and the video clip, to the delight of many. This song and video will be a car banger “foreva!”

4. “Washpoppin”

“Eh, washpoppin’!?

This is another one of her mixtape singles that many of her fans discovered after she became big. But for the people (like the author of this piece) who first saw “Washpoppin’,” one knew, right then and there, that Cardi B was going to be a future force in the music world; and now, look at her now? On top of the music world, and didn’t have to change her sound, one bit.

3. “Bondak Yellow”

Ah, this was the song, the one that officially launched Cardi B into the mainstream, and she has not come back to Earth since. “Bodak Yellow” is more than a smash hit for Cardi, it’s a timeless classic that will be played on all the oldie radio stations 200 years from now. The video is even more iconic, as fans can watch it on repeat for days to see just how much of an innovative entertainer Cardi truly is.

2. “Finesse (Remix) by Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B

Yes, this is a Bruno Mars track, but it’s the remix, and video, with Cardi that everyone will remember. Watching the video for “Finesse,” one simply get the ‘90s vibes from the track, and it was a great feat to pull off. It was almost like DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince was going to bust out and do a cameo. It didn’t happen, but, it would have been the icing on this ‘90s-flavored cake.

1. “Revenge”

There were plenty of candidates to choose from that could be the number one video on this list, but the video for “Revenge” seems just perfect for the right time. As much praise as Cardi has received over her rise to the top of the rap food chain, she has attracted just as many haters, and the song and video for “Revenge” show a Cardi B who is unbothered by the hate, and it won’t stop her from getting hits and creating her legacy.