5 best Day6 music videos

South Korea's very own DAY6 (데이식스) originally came to fruition as a musical project curated by Korean record label, JYP Entertainment. The collective originally began as a five-member band known as 5LIVE before changing their name to DAY6 with the addition of drummer Dowoon (도운). Unfortunately, keyboardist Junhyeok (준혁) left the group in Feb. 2016, but the band remained under the moniker DAY6. Since then, the band consisting of members Sungjin (성진), Jae (제이), Young K (영케이), Wonpil (원필), and Dowoon and they've single-handedly taken over the Korean rock scene with their experimental approach to their artistry. 

DAY6 is known for fusing multiple genres of music including K-Pop, pop, punk, alternative rock, and more creating a genreless brand of music that has become world-renowned in their five-year career as a mainstream musical collective. With four official studio albums under their belt and preparing to release the latest of their Book of Us installment entitled, The Book of Us: The Demon on May 11, DAY6 has the opportunity to grow their brand even further as one of the most sought-after international bands of this generation. And now, AXS has compiled DAY6's most innovative and best music videos the group has released thus far. Check out the list below. 

5. DAY6 – "Sweet Chaos"
Surprisingly, "Sweet Chaos" is one of DAY6's more recent visuals to be released, but lacks the depth of some of their more popular music videos due to the lack of storytelling sequences the band is known for incorporating into their music videos. However, that doesn't stop "Sweet Chaos" from being one of their more innovative artistic expressions. The video begins in a classic black and white format then slowly transitions into color as the band performs their hit single on a dimly lit stage. The uptempo pop-punk track features some insane post-production visual effects reminiscent of the notorious Avengers: Infinity War death scene that creates this high-quality imagery for this multifaceted collective of musicians. 

4. DAY6 – "You Were Beautiful (예뻤어)" 
DAY6 took their cinematography to the next level with the release of their visuals for their 2017 multi-charting single, "You Were Beautiful (예뻤어)" with the video featuring Oscar-winning Parasite (2019) actor, Choi Woo-shik who plays the love interest of the young woman starring in the visual. The over-worked young woman takes a trip down memory lane in the wee hours of the night watching videos of memories she shared with her significant other. From winter wonderland vacations to intimate rooftop guitar performances, the young woman stares aimlessly at the screen soaking in the moments of what used to be as DAY6 passionately performs their rock ballad in a hazy, light-exposed scenery. 

3. DAY6 – "Congratulations"
"Congratulations" might have been released two years earlier than "You Were Beautiful," but both videos tell the story of a relationship that once was between a young woman and the now world-renowned actor Choi Woo-shik. In this particular visual, Choi sits in his lonesome on an empty subway cart reminiscing about his lost love as the video features the some of the same joyous clips of the couple from the "You Were Beautiful" video. Tragically, Choi is reunited with his ex-significant other and she pops up on the subway with her new love interest eventually shocked by his presence. The two awkwardly lock eyes as DAY6 collectively croons, "Congratulations you're unbelievable, congratulations how could you do that, like nothing happened, you broke my heart." "Congratulations" was DAY6's debut single and helped propel the band's career as one of the most prominent Korean musical acts today. 

2. DAY6 – "I Loved You"
DAY's "I Loved You" might sound like another pop-rock love ballad and in many ways it is, but the visuals for the song are some of the most well thought out the international music scene has witnessed in quite some time. Each member of the band is in the midst of their own internal conflicts as they pose as students at a university. Sungjin has taken a liking to one of his female classmates while his crony Wonpil might secretly like him more than a friend. Jae openly shows interest in the coffee shop barista while Young K stands up for his classmate in Dowoon whom he might secretly have a crush on. While the visuals for "I Loved You" might seem like something taken straight out of an episode of Degrassi, the sexual fluidity of the video allows for more representation for those who participate in various identity politics. 

1. DAY6 – "Shoot Me" 
Surprisingly, DAY6's "Shoot Me" is one of their more pop-forward records and just so happens to represent one of their best and most creative music videos to date. The sequenced drums, synthesizers, and heavily programmed instrumentation all provide a more universal pop theme swaying away from their rock-based roots. However, visually, "Shoot Me" is a masterpiece as actor Jang Dongju plays a heart-broken young man who meets up with a potentially former lover in a coffee shop. Unfortunately, the conversation doesn't go as planned as the woman figuratively pierces him with her cruel words. The young woman's influence encourages others around to participate in the debauchery of tearing the young man down before he chooses to retaliate with some figurative shots of his own. While his "bullets" may not have been as devastating as the young woman's, his response exposed her true colors as the visuals come to an end with Jang dropping a single tear and smiling in triumph.  

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