5 best Dillon Francis music videos
Dillon Francis/YouTube

It's hard to have a party without someone throwing on some Dillon Francis. The Los Angeles producer has been lighting up festivals with tracks such as "Get Low," "Coming Over," and "Set Me Free."  With his sophomore studio album Wut Wut, Francis finds himself collaborating with numerous Latin artists, including Fuego and De La Ghetto.

Something that makes Francis stand out from the others are his outrageous music videos. With the help of creative directors, Francis has been able to show fans his funnier side. We take a look at five music videos that stand out in Francis' vast catalog.

5. "Get Low"
Francis and DJ Snake both make it rain as King Tut for the "Get Low" music video. Instead of a fancy throne, the two sit upon a stack of plastic lawn chairs. When the ladies' dancing gets a bit too much, their eyes simply can't stand still. The song became Francis' first (and only) song to land on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This vibrant music video was directed by Tomás Whitmore.

4. "When We Were Young (ft. The Chain Gang of 1974)"
Francis celebrates turning three with the "When We Were Young" music video. This birthday party is filled with friends, as bounce house, and Francis getting his face slammed into the birthday cake. Song collaborators Sultan + Shepard and The Chain Gang of 1974 all appear in this visual. This was directed by Agata Alexandra, who has done videos for Combichrist and Five Finger Death Punch.

3. "Need You"
In the "Need You" music video, Francis' alter ego DJ Darren gets booked for a typical suburban party. The peaceful gathering turns chaotic with wrestling, dancing dads, and excessive drinking at every turn. "Need You" is the first of two collaborations between Francis and trap/dubstep producer NGHTMRE. The two would join forces again for the song "Another Dimension" from NGHTMRE's 2017 EP NGHTMRE, Part II. The visual was directed by Jack Wagner, who is best known for creating the satirical series Like And Subscribe.

2. "Hello There (ft. Yung Pinch)"
In the music video for "Hello There (ft. Yung Pinch)," Francis becomes the host of the late-night talk show Hello There with Dillon Francis. Taking some inspiration from Jimmy Fallon and James Corden, Francis wows the crowd with a T-shirt cannon, some cooking, and Car-Ride Karaoke. A late night show wouldn't be complete without a musical guest, and Yung Pinch and Francis himself deliver a stellar performance. The visual was directed by Funny or Die's The Dads.

1. "Exit Through The Donut Hole (I Can't Take It)"
Francis showcases his love for donuts with the video for "Exit Through The Donut Hole (I Can't Take It)." The video finds Francis as a doughnut in Los Angeles. With his donut family being depleted, Francis tries to protect the remaining ones. Instead, he finds himself being humiliated by those around him, including his former friend Broccoli. Directed by Agata Alexandra, this 15-minute short film was originally set to be a typical four-minute music video. Because of ideas piling up, they decided to give their plan an extended mix.