5 best Dinosaur Jr. lyrics
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The forefront of Dinosaur Jr. has notably been J Mascis' guitar shredding skills, but underneath the growling vocals and riffs are some pretty catchy lyrics. The Amherst, MA alt-rockers have a pretty hefty career, spanning eleven studio albums between their debut Dinosaur in 1985 until their latest release, 2016's Give A Glimpse Of What You're Not. We take you on a journey through time to pick out five of the best Dinosaur Jr. lyrics to date.

5. Freak Scene
While it might be hard to call it poetry, there is hardly a better description of the difficulties of strained relationships than "Freak Scene." The classic Dinosaur Jr. track is both fun and full of heart.

Best Lyrics:
“Sometimes I don’t thrill you
Sometimes I think I’ll kill you
Just don’t let me f**k up will you?
And if I need a friend it’s still you.”


4. Almost Ready
"Almost Ready" came from Dinosaur Jr.'s eighth studio album, Beyond - their first release in a decade. The song is the perfect ode to struggling to get up one's nerve, whether it be to ask a girl out, or make a major life decision, this song resonates with anyone who has been standing on that precipice.

Best Lyrics:
"Can you see me there?
'cause I'm not sure
See me, 'cause I lost my nerve
See me there, 'cause I feel worse again
Come on life
I'm almost ready
Not right
I'm almost ready"


3. The Post
With an interesting title, "The Post" presents the connundrum of a guy who had a perfect girl, who was always his post to lean on - and then he cut her down, or most likely, dumped her. His final hope? That he will find salvation in another girl soon after.

Best Lyrics:
"Eyed it, dried it, untied it. 
Chilled it, spilled it, refilled it. 
Paste it, traced it, erased it. 
She's my Post to Lean on, 
And I just cut her down. 
So I'm out to land on somethin' 
Hopefully a girl will come between me and the ground"


2. Goin' Home
"Goin' Home" is the painful story of a guy clearly in a one-sided relationship, who keeps getting stood up by his girlfriend and yet always goes back for more pain. The lyrics can be seen as the letter he would write himself, about how he still misses her and wants to go back, but is finally trying to grow a backbone and stop letting her beat him down.

Best Lyrics:
"In the place you said you'd meet me, I don't see you hanging around  (I'm goin' home)
If that's all you ever tell me, seems you don't wanna be found  (and I'm goin' home)
Don't come over, I can't get lower 
No more meetin', I been beaten 
Got a blast of what I should be busy doing. yes, I'm lost  (I'm goin' home)
I want to tell you that I miss you, but I'm pissed you blew me off"


1. Not You Again
Mascis' mention of "the blob" conjures up memories of the television commercials or memes in which a person's depression is a blob following them like a shadow, but it could also very well represent the bumbling version of himself who kept screwing up these relationships. This one is the band's lyrical gold.

Best Lyrics:
"I got no advice about anything
Just f**k it up yourself
Is she the kind of girl
That's worth getting
In such a sticky mess"