5 best Ed Sheeran music videos
Ed Sheeran YouTube

Ed Sheeran busted onto the music landscape with his riveting debut single “The A Team” in 2011. His critically-acclaimed debut album + (Plus) followed and has since gone seven-times platinum. Legions of loyal Sheerios have since fallen in love with the British-Irish singer-songwriter. Two more albums and two Grammy Awards later, the “Shape of You” singer has firmly established himself as one of the biggest male pop stars on the planet. His latest album, ÷ (Divide) has smashed sales and streaming records and he’s sold out stadiums all over the world with his Divide World Tour (Click here for information on AXS-ticketed shows). Fans and critics alike mutually agree the ginger-haired crooner reigns supreme on 2017’s music mountain.

His music videos are creative, engaging, and popular. He racked up a billion views on YouTube on Divide songs alone, within two days of the CD’s March 7 release. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Check out our picks for the 5 best Ed Sheeran music videos below.

5. “How Would You Feel (Paean)”

This song, written specifically for his childhood sweetheart and current lady love Cherry Seaborn speaks volumes to hopeless romantics everywhere. If you ever dreamed of having Ed Sheeran treat you to a living room serenade, watching this video is as close as most of us will probably ever get. Its visual simplicity – just Ed, his guitar, a mic, and soft piano accompaniment plays perfectly to the romantic tone of the song. It’s Ed at his swoon-worthy best. Enough said.

4. “Lego House

“Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint has shared a long-standing joke with Ed Sheeran about being his double or being mistaken for each other. That’s why it was a perfect tongue-in-cheek reference to their striking resemblance by having Rupert star in his “Lego House” music video as a crazed stalker fan. He wears an Ed-style hoodie, lurks backstage at a stadium filled with screaming fans and even breaks into Ed’s tour bus. We love how he plays with Legos, too. Sure, the dolls and the gum-chewing are creepy. But, it’s Rupert Grint, so his level of cool easily outweighs the cringe-factor.

3. “Galway Girl

Ed endured a lot of criticism for his heavily-stereotyped Irish-themed video for “Galway Girl.” But, we love the rich local flair and following along on a wild night in an Irish pub through Ed’s eyes is pure fun. Saoirse Ronan plays the perfect Galway Girl object of his affection. The song pays a nice tribute to Ed's Irish heritage and pretty much compels us to dance a jig throughout He winds up safe at home in his “blue” multi-story house at the end and we're glad to breathe a sweet sigh of relief.

2.Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran ballroom dances in the video for his Grammy-winning single “Thinking Out Loud” and he nails it. He’s dressed up. He floats around the ballroom with grace and we’re totally swept up in the enchanting vibe of this perfect romantic wedding song. Need we say more? Sigh …

1. Shape of You

Divide’s lead single broke records all over the world and earned the distinction of being the biggest-selling song in the UK at the midpoint of 2017.  It’s surpassed 2 billion views on YouTube since it posted last January. We see Ed in a way we’ve never seen him in this video– as a boxer! He does a great job jabbing, dancing around the ring, and running down the streets Rocky Balboa-style with his female boxing partner. In all, it’s a slice of music video perfection and we have to rank it in our top spot – just as the track has ranked for multiple weeks on charts all over the world.