5 best Eric Nam music videos

Prior to his rise to prominence on the K-Pop scene, Eric Nam (에릭남) worked as a business analyst for a consulting firm in New York and pursued a career microfinance initiatives in India before becoming one of the most sought after international talents known today. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Nam's stateside upbringing and Korean roots have allowed him to fuse musical influences from traditional pop, R&B, and K-Pop to create a unique brand of music that has garnered the 31-year-old singer/songwriter a massive fanbase from all different types of walks of life. 

It wasn't until 2011, Eric Nam was able to jumpstart his music career after appearing on the MBC singing competition show, Star Audition: Birth of a Great Star 2. After finishing the program as a top-five contestant, he was able to sign to a major South Korean music label in Sept. 2012. Now, with four full-length extended plays and multiple charting singles under his belt, Eric Nam has become an international sensation and AXS is here to breakdown his top five music videos to date. Check out the list below. 

5. Eric Nam – "우우 (Ooh Ooh)" (feat. Hoya [호야] of INFINITE [인피니트])
"우우 (Ooh Ooh)" is Eric Nam's second-ever digitally-released single and the visuals reflect pretty much how his career has as he's been thrust into the limelight of the K-Pop scene. Upon the song's release in 2014, "우우 (Ooh Ooh)" was able to peak at the number six slot on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart, making it Nam's first Billboard appearance in his young career at the time. Sonically, the track is filled with modern-day funk-inspired instrumentation as the visuals follow suit. Eric Nam and Hoya of INFINITE appear in their most dapper threads as they perform on screen for adoring fans that sit at home and swooning young women that watch the duo via their iPad. For an opening visual performance "우우 (Ooh Ooh)" is of high production value.  

4. Eric Nam – "Runaway"
Eric Nam's "Runaway" released nearly one year ago was a non-album one-off single that found his way on the South Korean Gaon Music chart. Lyrically, the Korean version of "Runaway" focuses on the fleeting night hours and wanting to keep that special someone close by no matter the cost. However, the English rendition of the track consists of lyrical content about a young woman who left Nam behind. Fortunately, the visuals for the Korean rendition of the song were curated and executed to perfection. The video features an at-home video shot perspective of Nam and his love interest spending quality time together throughout the night hours performing meaningless tasks that only lovers enjoy experiencing together. Stylistically, "Runaway" is one of the most creative visuals Eric Nam has in his arsenal. 

3. Eric Nam – "Potion" (feat. Woodie Gochild)
Eric Nam encourages his fanbase to release their inhibitions with his 2018 track entitled "Potion" off of his charting EP, Honestly. The reggaeton and Spanish influence in the instrumentation allows Eric Nam to gracefully croon atop the guitar melodies as he begins the track, "Turn up the volume (볼륨을 높여), lower the lighting (조명을 낮춰), flip the phone (폰은 뒤집어), not at this moment (지금 이 순간 말고는 없어), fill the glass and soak the whole body (술잔을 채워 온 몸을 적셔), drinking this potion." Visually, "Potion" is another great offering from the Korean-American artist as the visuals begin in a dizzying haze at the bottom of a tequila glass. Throughout the video, the visuals experiment with warm and cool ambient lighting, beautifully painted architecture, and a breath-taking love interest that creates an intriguing watching experience. 

2. Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam – "Cave Me In"
"Cave Me In" is a collaborative effort between R&B artist Gallant, Canadian hip-hop artist, and Epik High frontman Tablo, and none other than budding K-Pop sensation Eric Nam. Surprisingly, these three artists meshed so well on this particular track they have the chemistry to great an international supergroup with influences in three major markets across the globe. Gallant kicks off the song crooning in his unique vocal cadence before Tablo performs his rap verse, leaving Nam to take the last verse before all three close out the track in perfect unison. Visually, "Cave Me In" doesn't rely on major visual effects but more of the setting with the video taking place in the streets of Hong Kong. The video features multiple high-rise living spaces, illuminating neon-lit signs, and more as the trio walks the desolate streets of the highly-popularized city. While "Cave Me In" may be a collaborative effort, this visual is still considered one of Eric Nam's best to date. 

1. Eric Nam – "Congratulations" (feat. Marc E. Bassy)
While "Congratulations" might sound like a celebratory track with the video to match the joyous vibes, it's actually a song about heartbreak and toasting to that final goodbye. Eric Nam's ability to set the track up as a festive song and then turn it into something painfully dark speaks to his artistic ability in his still-young career. Fortunately, he was able to work with visual artists that were able to capture both ends of the occasion as Nam walks through a dimly lit party as he greets his guest and croons about a lost love one. San Francisco-bred singer/songwriter Marc E. Bassy makes an appearance in the visuals to deliver his verse alongside Nam before the video comes to an end with Nam leaving the party in his lonesome and driving off in his Mercedes coupe. 


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