5 best Future music videos

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, better known by his stage name, Future, might be one of the most captivatingly debaucherous acts in all of entertainment today. His ability to be direct about his alleged experiences with infidelity, drug abuse, depression/mental health, promiscuity, and gaudiness provides us with a brutally honest perspective of one of hip-hop's most revered personalities. His rock star aesthetic and lifestyle has raised plenty of eyebrows throughout the years but his ability to fuse the Atlanta trap sound with R&B-esque subject matter has captured the attention of millions of rap enthusiasts of this current generation of listeners. 

Since arriving on the scene in 2009, Wilburn has dropped a plethora of prophetic hits including "Codeine Crazy," "Feds Did A Sweep," "Thought It Was A Drought," the already classic "March Madness," and so many more. Now, with the recent release of his latest musical offering, SAVE ME, it appears that the Atlanta-bred rapper might have yet another anthem on his hands in the song, "Shotgun" to add to his long list of RIAA-certified hits. With so much quality content and visuals to back up Future's sultry, sonic vibes, it's nearly impossible to define his top five music videos. However, AXS has narrowed down his extensive list of visual compositions to five of his arguably greatest musical cinematographic moments throughout his career thus far. Check out Future's top five music videos for yourself below. 

5. Future – "Where Ya At" featuring Drake
Future's "Where Ya At" single off of his third studio album, DS2 became a part of 2015's summer soundtrack amongst participants in the rap realm. The song's elegant string-based sample and chiming synth melody in combination with the bass-heavy, trap drum composition syncs nearly perfectly. While the visuals for the track might not be that original, DJ Esco's now-notorious cameo at the 2:35-mark made for one of the most meme-able moments of the year. Not to mention when Drake and Future team up, they put together some strong musical offerings that are worthy of a listen. 

4. Future – "Low Life" featuring The Weeknd
With over 532.8 million views on YouTube, Future's "Low Life" is one of his most-viewed music videos of all-time. The clash of the polished women presented in nearly demolished surroundings provided a cerebral dichotomy to the visuals for the hymn. The dark aesthetic and high contrast lighting force the eye to each corner of each shot taking its viewers on a path of discovery. The Mad Max-inspired settings and visuals provide "Low Life" with added shock-value elements while appearances by Bad Boy's, French Montana and Belly are cherries on top of The Weeknd and Future's on-camera performances. 

3. Future – "Coupe" 
Animated videos are considered precarious being that there usually hit or miss but, Future's "Coupe" which was originally a part of Adult Swim's 2014 Singles Series is one of his best video offerings thanks to director.head-animator, Chris Carboni. The minimalistic animation and gradient changes from frame to frame add an opulent, artistic element to the visual. Throughout the video, Future invites a wide array of extraterrestrial beings into his 1963 Buick Riviera that magically becomes a nightclub on wheels until he is met by a demonic entity that challenges him in a street race. Eventually, Future becomes the victor only to later be met with a slap in the face for wrecking his borrowed vehicle. "Coupe" is simple yet one of the most entertaining music videos the Freebandz Records CEO has starred in. 

2. Future – "Mask Off" 
In the video directed by Colin Tilley, Future casually drives his chrome-wrapped Bentley Continental GT coupe through lawless streets. The anarchist state of his surroundings leave him unbothered as nearby patrons riot and set the city ablaze. Later, Future appears atop of a building and later leads the revolting crowd alongside his longtime partner, DJ Esco. While the video might not display an extreme amount of substance, there's no denying that it isn't well-produced. Not to mention, "Mask Off" was a major hit upon its release in the summer of 2017 and is now in rotation as one of Future's greatest hits to date.  

1. Future – "F&N"
"F&N" is one of Future's latest observational compositions he's offered his massive fan base and it definitely didn't disappoint. In another video directed by Colin Tilley, Future stands in the midst of a bullet-riddled abandoned structure drenched in shell casings. As the rapper performs a traveling bullet glides through several settings. The experimental lighting and constantly-changing gradients, negative filters, and glow-in-the-dark themes easily captivate its viewers keeping its watchers speculating as to what's coming next.

The gaudy designer garments and begrimed environments in Future's videos have become his signature go-to. With so much more music on the way and to offer, Future has the opportunity to bless the masses with more optics to his entrancing sonic vibrations. Only time will tell as to what the Atlanta-bred rapper has up his sleeve. 

Check out the honorable mention visual for a song that didn't make the top five list in Future's "Move That Dope" featuring Pharrell Williams, Pusha Ton, and the cameos by none other than Tyler, The Creator (Tickets) and Schoolboy Q in the video provided above. And, stick with AXS for tickets to the hottest entertainers in concert, live shows, sporting events, festivals and more.