5 best George Strait music videos

George Strait is, without a doubt, a legend in the country music world.

He is one of the godfathers of Texas Country, and he has a legendary number of hit singles to back up that claim. During a time when it seemed like country music was going adrift, Strait, with his cowboy look and all, brought the genre back to its roots, and he’s still going strong today. So, to prepare you for his set at Rodeo Houston, here are the five best George Strait videos of all time.

5. “Write This Down”

When it comes to George Strait videos, his clips carry a simple formula -- put George out front, and let him do his thing, much like the video for “Write This Down.” Filmed in a concert setting, the video makes sure to frame Strait as the star, and they succeeded in that mission and then some.

4. “The Chair”

One cannot deny the impact Strait had on country music in the 80s. There really was a time when it seemed like the genre was going astray, but Strait, with all of his Texas Cowboys charm, bright the genre back to its roots, and “The Chair” helped do it. It became a number one hit in the summer of 1985, and the video, while keeping the cowboy bravado, has that tender, ‘80s touch to it, which, to some, may make it seem outdated, but to many others, is a gem of a country artifact that we all should cherish.

3. “If You Know Me”

Back in the day before videos evolved into short-films, it was all about putting the artist as a star, with them just singing the song. That’s the bulk of George Strait’s catalog, and one of the videos where he did it best was “If You Know Me.” While it features an ultra-cool nitride of San Antonio, the video is all about George, bringing home this heartfelt ballad and taking his rightful place as one of the Kings of Country.

2. “Amarillo By Morning”

There is no question that George Strait loves Texas. He breathes the Lone Star State and has made great songs about the cities, culture, and people that make up one of the greatest states in America. One of those songs was “Amarillo By Morning,” in which the video was set in a concert setting, spliced with images of Texas’ rodeo culture. Before getting Amarillo, we gotta make a stop in Lubbock, first, though.

1. “The Seashores of Old Mexico”

This video was a departure from the traditional George Strait music video. In some respects, Strait went out of his element to record “The Seashores of Old Mexico,” which tells the story of a man who is trying to evade the law by heading to the seashore of Mexico. It’s a simple and still showcases Strait in a laid-back, beachy-feel song that is simply brilliant. And, yea, it would be best if he didn’t go back to Tuscon.

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