5 best Gryffin music videos

Coming off of one of the most notable sets of Coachella 2019, Dan Griffith, better known by his stage name, Gryffin, is quickly becoming one of the most prominent figures in electronic dance music today. Growing up, Griffith was a classicly-trained pianist who took up guitar at an early age. Later in life, despite being in the midst of his studies for electric engineering at USC, he developed a knack for music production which led to him gaining notoriety for remixing songs like Maroon 5's "Animal," Tove Lo's "Body Talk," and a plethora of other popularized mainstream songs. 

Eventually, Gryffin began curating his own music which led to the release of his debut EP, Gravity: Part I (2018), and the production of his debut studio album, Gravity (2019) under Interscope Records. With his ability to fuse acoustic instrumentation with today's dance music tempos and drum patterns, Gryffin has acquired a cult-like following, become a festival stage staple, and a notorious internationally-recognized EDM DJ. And now, AXS is ranking his top five original music videos for the masses to judge themselves. Without further ado, check out Gryffin's top five music video visuals below. 

5. Gryffin – "Love In Ruins" featuing Sinead Harnett
The guitar melodies introduced throughout the composition in "Love In Ruins" provide a calming element to the song but Gryffin's drum programming remains the key factor to hypnotizing its listeners into flowing along with the track. It also doesn't hurt that Sinead Harnett's performance on the song is flawlessly executed.

Visually, the animated music video's use of high contrast black and white imagery in combination with forever-changing gradient hues of magenta, coral, violet, and other hues of rose to captivate its audience. The constant movement of its linear subject matter keeps the eye guessing while telling the story of two lovers seeking refuge from their assassins. The fluidity of the visuals in combination with the overall musical composition was perfectly produced. 

4. Gryffin x ILLENIUM – "Feel Good" featuring Daya
Gryffin and DJ/producer ILLENIUM (Tickets) incorporation of hip-hop-leaning drums on "Feel Good" making the instrumentals build ups and break downs all the more worthwhile. The song's music video employs singer/songwriter, Daya as a major focal point throughout the visuals as it follows her and a group of friend's journey to speakeasy-type club. The video's utilization of indirect light is a major highlight throughout the visual structure that requires a meticulous and extremely detailed vision that requires directorial and production team that all share a similar vision. Gryffin x ILLENIUM's "Feel Good" video was a well-done depiction of a lively night out. 

3. Gryffin – "Just For A Moment" featuring Iselin
The sample-based intro, choice of synth pads, the vocal cadence of Iselin, and pulsating drum pattern provide the composition with pure energy  for Gryffin's "Just For A Moment." And it just so happens that the 2018 Electric Forest-shot visuals for the track do just the same. In the video directed and shot by, David Ho Nguyen, over the course of two weekends in Rothbury, Michigan, you witness festival-goers rockin' Gryffin's merch, enjoying his set as well as the aesthetically-pleasing natural environment of the Electric Forest festival itself. This particular choice to use Electric Forest as the subject of the video allows those that have never been the event to experience one of the best EDM festivals to incorporate nature as its backdrop/setting. 

2. Gryffin x Elley Duhé – "Tie Me Down"
The panning synth pads, delayed guitar riffs, and pop-inspired drum sequencing set the table for Gryffin's "Tie Me Down" but Elley Duhé's performance on the song is what stands out the most throughout the song's composition. In regards to the visuals provided by, Jordan Miles Rosenheck and Drew Kirsch, "Tie Me Down" highlights some of the most simplistic intimate moments between lovers. Whether it be something as simple as elongated eye contact, a brush of the hand, or performing the most trivial task together, "Tie Me Down" is a reminder to never take for granted the moments we share with our significant others. 

1. Gryffin – "Nobody Compares To You" featuring Katie Pearlman  
On Gryffin's track "Nobody Compares To You," Katie Pearlman's vocal performance and production dominate the airy synth pad-driven instrumental until the chorus kicks in a catchy dance-themed drum pattern. In regards to the music video, Gryffin provides his followers with an in-depth look at his fall/winter 2017 tour with visuals of him and his crew enjoying their traveling adventure visiting various locations and attractions their tour schedule provides. 

Whether it's imagery of Gryffin and his tour crew embracing each other backstage or him hyping up thousands of fans in some of the most prestigious music venues, the visuals for "Nobody Compares To You" is an ode to Gryffin's joy for performing for his fans and the respect he has for his traveling companions. 


Be sure to look out for Gryffin in a city near you on his upcoming Gravity II Tour this fall (Tickets). Also, check out Gryffin's latest single featuring Aloe Blacc entitled "Hurt People" available on all streaming platforms which was released earlier today. And, stick with AXS for tickets to the hottest entertainers in concert, live shows, sporting events, festivals and more.