5 best Highly Suspect lyrics
Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect is a three-piece band, consisting of front-man Johnny Stevens and twin brothers Rich and Ryan Meyer. The young hard-rock band originated in Cape Cod, but relocated to Brooklyn, New York, where they worked until they made a name for themselves.

The band has received three Grammy nominations. “Lydia” was nominated for Best Rock Song and the album Mister Asylum was nominated for “Best Rock Album” for the 58th Grammy Awards. “My Name Is Human” is nominated for “Best Rock Song” for the 59th Grammy Awards, being held on Feb. 12, 2017.

5. “Claudeland

This danceable song was inspired by a friend who hit a low point so they wrote an “upbeat ripper to cheer him up,” per Billboard.

Best Lyrics:

Oh, you got the weight of the world
On your shoulders tonight
It's ok, we're gonna get you feeling all right
You've got the weight of the world on your shoulders tonight
It's ok, we're gonna get you feeling all right, all right

4. “Serotonia

“Serotonia” is the first single off the album The Boy Who Died Wolf. The opening lyric is I wish everyone I knew was dead / So that I’d never have to pick up the phone. Which may be clever but not inviting

Best Lyrics:

I'm gonna move to California
I'm gonna melt into the sand
Slow dance with Elizabeth Taylor
And Audrey
Bum a cigarette from Cary Grant
Now New York you know I love you
Because you made me who I am
Which is not that good of a person
I need to feel something again

3. “Bloodfeather

“Bloodfeather” is off the group’s 2015 debut album, Mister Asylum. The song tells the story of a man so in love that he would do anything for his lover.

Best Lyrics:

Your eyes, they could cut through diamonds and steel
For real, they're sharper than the blade in your hand
They tell me you're strong, but they don't tell me what you feel
I feel there's something that you want me to hear
It's coming in loud and clear
You know what you want, what you want, what you want

2. “Lydia

Highly Suspect’s first single, “Lydia,” is a bluesy anthem that was inspired by “Literally slow-motion love-at-first-sight,” according to a statement made by lead singer Johnny Stevens to Billboard in 2015. The song was nominated for the Grammy for “Best Rock Song” in the 2016 Grammy Awards.

Best Lyrics:

Black ocean, cold and dark
I am the hungry shark, fast and merciless
But the only girl that could talk to him just couldn't swim
Tell me what's worse than this
And it echoes in the halls
They danced along the walls
The memories of your ghost
You are the one that I used to love
And I'm still in love, but I've never loved you the most

1. “My Name is Human

“My Name is Human is nominated as “Best Rock Song” at the 59th Grammy Awards, being held on Feb. 12, 2017. The lead single on the album The Boy Who Died Wolf this song hit the top of the Billboard charts in Nov., 2016, per Billboard.

Best Lyrics:

I'm ready for love and I'm ready for war
But I'm ready for more
I know that nobody's ever been this fucking ready before, hey
(Do you need some time to think it over?)
So figure it out or don't figure it out
I figured it out
The bigger the river (the bigger the river)
The bigger the drought (the bigger the drought)